Careening through the borealis on a spacey synth infused vehicle, better known as the band 'Sometime; spearheaded by theDanni, who writes, records, and produces the music, alongside Diva de la Rosa, responsible for the lyrics and vocals, hail from Reyjavik, Iceland, playing and releasing albums since 2005.

The 2 have just finished producing their new album titled Acid Make-Out: Music from the Motion Picture. The title of the new album for the band reflects their journey from concept to completion; the thought of making out on acid, reluctant at first, running into unforeseen problems both in and out of your head, with the only thing but momentum and perseverance on your side ...you decide to maintain focus, knowing that you will find that moment of glory because let's face it, you are already in too deep. You take these new developments, new sensations, and find that this struggle had ceased to be a struggle at all, rather an emotional roller coaster and adventure weaving in and out of the sublime, leaving you with a feeling of unbridled satisfaction and fulfillment at the end.

Their newest album is this very journey, pairing sophisticated new wave synth and 90s dance music with the nostalgic vocals of Diva de la Rosa, it is best listened to with a finely tailored neon suit and dry martini, whilst remembering to keep the pinkie up.

Island fever, isolation, the extremities of day and night, and the cold fuel the creativity of Iceland. This energy naturally attracted an armada of great minds, with people from over 10 different countries (USA, Brazil, USSR, Australia, UK, Turkey and Sweden to name a few), to make an actual movie for the soundtrack, set to release in 2014.

theDanni, taking the musical experience even further, has taken a step outside of the cyber universe and put his efforts into the dying art of cd packaging and design, creating a true piece of art for this new album. Rather then jamming it in to one of those cheap plastic cd racks, the design remains worthy enough to be mounted right in the place of last seasons Elk, right above that mantle of yours, even saving you the trip to the taxidermist.

Acid Make-Out is available physically on this special limited edition CD and also for those new-age cyber enthusiasts, on the World Wide Web.

Sometime are currently recording a new album.

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Daniel Thorsteinsson

Daniel Thorsteinsson

Irka Kratz

"Acid Make-Out" (Movie trailer II)

"Acid Make-Out" (Movie trailer I)

"Acid Make-Out: the Movie" scheduled to be released in 2015, These are the three official posters for the movie.

"Summer" (Live TV Performance)

"I WIll Run" (Live TV Performance)

"Mind Repair" (Music Video)

Sei Bereit III from Daniel Thorsteinsson on Vimeo.

"Heart of Spades" (Music Video)

"In Shadows" (Music Video)

"Catch Me If You Can" (Live TV Performance)