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Our new song "I wIll Run" in KOLBRUN's new fashion film. Sometime's theDanni also made the video among others

Sei Bereit III from Daniel Thorsteinsson on Vimeo.

Sometime's new Acid Make-Out T-shirt, available in black and white, hand-printed designed by the Danni.

"Acid Make-Out" trailer.

Diplo picked our Tee...


- Our song Decide is in the new Síminn / Spotify ad campaign in Iceland... CHECKIT!


...also we have new t-shirts available in our tribute collection, sold live and through contact, soon in our webshop.


- Live from KEX in Iceland the other day...here's "Decide"

Acid Make-Out: the Movie

"Acid Make-Out" (Movie trailer II)

"Acid Make-Out" (Movie trailer I)

"Acid Make-Out: the Movie" scheduled to be released in 2013, These are the three official posters for the movie.

1st poster made by

2st poster made by
Daniel Thorsteinsson

3rd poster made by
Irka Kratz


"Mind Repair" (Music Video)

"Heart of Spades" (Music Video)

"In Shadows" (Music Video)

"Catch Me If You Can" (Live TV Performance)