&& float

By Siddharth Mankad, Sunil Vallu, Aashka Shah

The Prototype

On Site

&& float IIJS Signature Goa 2010 On-site Documentation from Siddharth Mankad on Vimeo.

The IIJS Signature Goa is a jewellery exhibition held by the Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), Govt. of India. The &&float team had two installations for the four day event held in February 2010 at the famous Kala Academy on the banks of the Mandovi River, Panaji, Goa.

The Installations
There were a number of different variations experienced through the installations. These could be divided into the following categories:


The branding installation was a dedicated wall projection that displayed the IIJS Signature Goa branding using particles. As people passed in front of the installation, the particles would scatter and would regroup once the motion had ceased.


The second installation consisted also of a wall projection, but had a number of variations across the four days of the exhibition. The first kind of these variations were tesselations. The motion in front of the wall caused generation of interesting patterns in sync with the motion.

Dynamic abstraction

The second kind was the form of abstract expressions. Art in the form of splashes of color in tandem with the motion in front of the wall was a prominent feature of this variant.

The Technology
The technology used in creation and working of these installations was very simple. A webcam was used to track motion in the case of each of the two projection walls. The walls themselves were canvas screens onto which high intensity projectors drew the imagery. The software back-end consisted of the open-source Java powered platform called Processing.