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smith|allen's d|craft is an ongoing exploration of design and technology in digital craftsmanship.

d|craft merges minimal design and handmade craft through technological methodologies. The inspirations for the collection arise for larger scale works, Studies of patterning, tessellation, form and structure are recaptured and reinvisoned at the jewelry scale. They are design essays: small formal statements, that bring a bit of architectural design to the everyday.

The collection is realized by utilizing state of the art 3d printers to produce designs in plastic materials (nylon and PLA) and ore materials (silver, bronze, gold) in combination with traditional jewelry making processes. The result is a reinterpretation and reimagining of minimal design as digital craft.

d|craft_winter2013 is composed of 2 collections the d|craft_cellular and d|craft_index series.

the dcraft|cellular_series explores the design of basic structural, functional, and organic cellular units. these pieces abstract the cellular form by playing with scale and texture, to unite the microscopic and macroscopic worlds through wearable interaction.

the dcraft|index_series explores spatial indexes, meshes and grids to examine latent orders based on natural systems. manipulating, merging and remapping these tessellations, this series highlights the beauty, form and linearity beneath these systems.

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