Data Visualisation
The Financial Times of Liverpool Football Club

A data visualisation print of the last 20 years of financial history of Liverpool Football Club.

170 gsm
Silk Coated
300mm x 420mm

Limited edition 1st prints of 50.

United Stat(e)s of Asia

Theoretical proposal to uniting the nations of Asia through the data visualisation of the statistics of Asia.
Book is split into all the regions of Asia, comparing areas such as population, religion, languages and capitals.

The Life and Death of The Average Person

Data visualisation book of the supposed average life, based on real statistics from the ONS. Split into four catorgories of Education and Employment, Lifestyles, Health and Households and Families.


A Data Visualisation interpretation of the 2010 Christopher Nolan film Inception. Characters and scenes are depicted by icons and pictograms while the poster is split into colour coded dream levels in which the film is based on.