Shutter & String is Liam Hurley and Sam Kassirer.

Liam has spent many years working both behind and on stage. Performing on the drums since age 12, Liam also spent many years doing sound and stage design before parlaying these skills into a job as a marionette puppeteer and builder. He has performed on numerous large stages, but enjoys the challenges of working in miniature.
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Sam is a musician and record producer. He runs "The Great North Sound Society", a converted farmhouse recording studio in rural maine. Since he was a kid he's had a passion for photography, and has a collection of both analogue and digital cameras he loves using for Shutter & String's various projects.
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Sam and Liam met as music students at New York University before quickly hitting the road as part of Josh Ritter's "Royal City Band". After making a few videos for Josh, Liam and Sam combined their talents to form Shutter & String, a small video production company dedicated to bringing unique and crafty concepts to bands and artists with all types of budgets.

To contact Shutter & String, email info@shutterstring.com