Kris Delmhorst // 92nd St.

This "one take" video blends a projected performance by the artist against a diorama-esque horizon, constructed on a large wooden cylinder. Also featured is a zoetrope (the "original .GIF") of Kris spinning under a dazzling light show, all mounted on a vintage record player.

Premiered on wsj.com

David Wax Museum // Harder Before It Gets Easier

The initial idea for the video was simple: colorful, kinetic images edited together in densely rhythmic patterns. To maximize the effect of overlapping colors, we shot tight close ups of the band lip syncing the song against multicolor poster board backgrounds. David & Suz endured three days of makeup application/removal sessions, handled by Callista Wilson, a professional stylist. To these initial images we added a few elements: painted hands imitating faces and accordions, wax crayons melting across a canvas, and food coloring moving in a plate of milk. The end result is, hopefully, a video that is as vibrant as the song.

Premiered on Spin.com

Joy Kills Sorrow // Jason

This stop motion video involved hot rodding some 12" artist mannequins, building a scale room complete with furniture and portraits, and using a reading light for each of the thousands of photos needed to create a dancing light effect.

Premiered on Rolling Stone.com

Bhi Bhiman // Time Heals

This two dimensional stop motion piece first involved a photo shoot with Bhi Bhiman, taking over 662 photographs covering every expression. Next came cutting these up and moving them ever so slightly for each of the roughly 4,000 shots it took to animate.

Premiered on IFC.com

Josh Ritter // The Curse

Constructed and filmed over the course of 4 months, The Curse demonstrates the power of putting images to an already powerful song. Using marionettes and a hi-def camera, The Curse tells the story of a forbidden love between an archaeologist and her mummified discovery.

Premiered on NPR.com

Allie Moss // Melancholy Astronautic Man

This is a Lego stop motion video we made for Allie for her record "Late Bloomer". It was one of Shutter & String's first projects as a team.

Premiered in USA Today

Josh Ritter // Real Long Distance

Shot in the band's storage space after hours, this video was made in one day using make shift dollies, an old telephone and one handycam.

Premiered on Huffington Post.

Sonny Pete // The Ghost of You

This simple video was made in an afternoon with one tiny Japanese digital camera and a bunch of balsa wood toy planes. It was intended to illustrate the poetic side of death and transcendence, a theme that informed the songs on Sonny Pete's album.

Premiered on thebaybridged.com

Josh Ritter // Rattling Locks

This video was made for Josh Ritter's album "So Runs the World Away". It was made exclusively with 120mm medium format photographs, many of which were taken on the road.

Premiered on pastemagazine.com

Josh Ritter // So Runs the World Away album teaser

This video was one of three short teasers created to announce the release of Josh Ritter's album So Runs the World Away. Designed to build anticipation, it was the first anyone had seen or heard from the record.

Released on Joshritter.com