Welcome to Showzine: a blog created by young people as they explore the Royal College of Art graduate Show and take part in workshops led by RCA students. Each group will document their visit to ShowRCA and will post their discoveries here - there'll be new posts every day the Show is open.
Showzine is coordinated by ReachOutRCA. ReachOutRCA establishes inspiring and innovative exchanges between young people, their teachers and the RCA community. ReachOutRCA is generously supported by John Lyon's Charity and the Durham Wharf Foundation.
Our Showzine workshops are led this year by eight RCA students: Izabella Scott and Oscar Gaynor (Critical Writing in Art & Design), Cara George and Katharina Dettar (Jewellery and Metal), Ted Hunt and Peter Hudson (Design Interactions), Sophie Foan and Derya Adiyaman (History of Design).