Selfies, as a looped signal created by a closed circuit of input-output sources, may produce
a swirling feedback noise that can be eliminated by the following possibilities:

1 Turn the camera away from your face or your face away from the camera
2 Disrupt your face recognition mechanism
3 Deprive your camera lens of light
4 Break your cellphone with a homemade icicle or other ways of creating situations of no input
5 Use a noise gate, which aborts the selfie signal when the trippy feeling gets too real.
6 Plug your soul directly into VR and release yourself from your physical body.


The wind, unlike an electronic fan,
is an uncalculated intelligence, its accidental rhythms and rhymes
are illusions of some beastly hostility.

The wind is a great restlessness made by different air
pressures colliding and traveling in twirls, it is a trace,
a drawing made prior to aesthetic judgment.