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rehearsal concert in Hamburg
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Bee Seavers

Biography of Musical Work

The artist Bee Seavers is recognized as a world renowned musician. Bee Seavers carrier started as Jazz musician in 1965 till 1978 in the USA. Since
1979 he learned the ancient instrument Santoor from India. As a master disciple of Pandit Shivkumar Sharma, soon he became Europe‘s most distinguished musician on Santoor and expert of North Indian Classical Music. He is decorated with different awards. including the ‘Roshan Ara Begum Award, the highest decoration in Pakistan for outstanding musicians.
While keep on lecturing as Musicologist, he followed many invitations round the world for playing concerts. Since 2001 he started working as scriptwriter.
A first written novel was published in 2011. In spring
2014 he established the World Music Group Shantiniketan with casts from Europe, India and Great Britian. Many other casts will follow.
1993 INDIA Delhi / Bangalore
1993 USA New York Society of Indian Classical Music
1994 CANADA Ottawa / Toronto World Music Festival
1994 PAKISTAN Lahore All Pakistan Music Conference
1995 SRI LANKA Colombo Sri Lanka National Music Festival
1995 SINGAPORE International Music Festival
1996 INDIA Delhi, Lucknow, Bombay by ICCR
1996 INDIA Bombay Calcutta German Cultural Institute
1996 IRAN Teheran Ministry of Cultural Affairs
1997 PAKISTAN Lahore / Karachi All Pakistan Music Conference
1997 GERMANY Hamburg 50th Anniversary of India
1997 INDIA Bangalore 50th Anniversary of India by Mercedes Benz
1998 PAKISTAN Lahore Karachi Islamabad Pearl Continental Group
1998 MONGOLIA Ulan Bator German Embassy
1999 PAKISTAN Karachi Pakistan /American Culture Society
1999 GERMANY Munich Concert for Jagjit Singh ( Spiritual Leader of the Sikhs)
1999 GERMANY Radio Concert NDR Museum für Völkerkunde
2000 GERMANY Cologne Radio Concert at WDR
2000 SWITZERLAND Geneve / Zurich
2000 BELGIUM Brussels Greenhouse
2000 UK London Queens Hall
2000 USA New York / Los Angeles
2001 GERMANY Berlin Passionskirche Concert with Hariprasad Chaurasia
2001 GERMANY Radio Concert at WDR Cologne
2001 INDIA Bangalore / Delhi / Lucknow
2001 EUROPE France, Spain, Italy, Portugal. Greece, Holland
2002 SRI LANKA Rotary Club
2003 GERMANY Radio Concert at WDR Cologne
2004 SRI LANKA Indian Cultural Centre
2005 Lucknow India
2006 Singapore
2007 Kabul
2008 Morocco
2009 DIG Germany
2010 Indian Embassy Germany
2010 Gaj Singh Maharaja of Jodhpur India
2011-2013 Europe concerts
2014 establishing Shantiniketan Music Group
2014 Shantiniketan Premiere at the Indian Embassy Berlin
The artist released several CD‘ s ; www.beeseavers.de facebook: beeseavers
youtube: beeseavers; email: beejeesantoor@gmail.com , Shantiniketan.eu
Shantiniketan.de, youtube:shantiniketan in concert, Facebook:shantiniketan2014

coming up in Autumn 2014

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Farooque Latif Khan

Ojas Adhiya

Mukundraj Deo

Kailash Patra

Bee Seavers

Changanassery B. Harikumar

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