Water - Air Pollution
Produced in the framework of Cultural Centre REX / project "Open Secret" /

With three seemingly different approaches to the topic "Open Secret" and their conceptual content, I have tried to show the “truth” about the socio-ecological problems in the modern society, specifically emphasizing the water pollution on the territory of Zrenjanin.
The video interview Listen/Hear reflects the social content, it brings the “truth” closer to the viewer/audience and, not just being the simple reflection, it shows what the society represses. In such a way, Listen/Hear could be understood as the relationship between the critic and the suggestion. What is public, and what is personal opinion? What is the role of the subject in solving problems? In the photographs (triptych) and the video work “States of Matter”, I deal with the same topic, but from the personal/creative point of view. From local to personal, from subjective towards the clear picture of the global.

"Listen/Hear" Zrenjanin/Serbia

Video interview
Time: 00:04:00
Format: 1440 x 1080
Aspect ratio:( 4:3 )
Sound: stereo

“States of Matter” Bor/Serbia

Photo - installation (triptych)
3 photographs - lambda prints
Dimensions: 76,2 x 132 cm and 38,1 x 132 cm x2