Ruined objects of the industrial heritage which, being empty (as other abandoned objects), do not have their function, today have the value and function somwhere in between the earlier one and the potential future. In this transitive period, the abandoned spaces are becoming the creative field of the society in which they were created. The past, which still seems to live inside these objects, yields to wishes and intentions of the future, and in such a way, makes contact with the present.
This space is a metaphor for the society as well as for the individual and his/her internal space. The way we refer to the space around us is similar to the behaviour we have towards ourselves and the way we communicate with each other. The abandoned objects are the potential for creative relationship rise of the social and cultural awarness.

Collaborative video installation:
'Treshold' video by Selena Junackov & Ana Stefanovic
sound by Nicolas Wiese
premiered September 21st, INEX FILM Festival, Belgrade
also screened: November 4th, Cultural Center BIGZ, Senjak/Belgrade

Photos and videos were taken at the same abandoned industrial place, by two artists, Selena Junackov (animated photos) & Ana Stefanovic (video clips). Location: First construction company in Vojvodina established and entitled “Beton” (Concrete) AD Neimar Novi Sad, near the Danube river.