In my photographic and experimental video practices I am quite often researching notions about identity, history and memory. Often times these themes are combined into installations mixing various media as sculpture, found objects, photography, sound...

My projects are generated from concerns found in the reciprocal relations of architecture and natural environments, visual culture and the perception of space. I am posing questions about space, place and urban structures, as well as their conditions within cultural and ideological systems of representations. Each of my projects often consists of multiple works, often in a range of different media, grouped around specific themes.


Selena Junackov
was born in Belgrade / Serbia 1981
She is a photographer and experimental video artist, based in Belgrade.


2012 - Women’s and Gender Studies (alternative program), Faculty of Political Sciences | University of Belgrade.
2011 - MFA in new media / video , University of Novi Sad, Academy of Art, Novi Sad, Serbia
2008 - BFA in photography, University of Novi Sad, Academy of Art, Novi Sad, Serbia

Solo exhibitions:

2014 New Work By Dahlačkov, (collaboration with Selena Junačkov), Gallery 8, Beograd
2013 "RECONSTRUCTION OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES - greetings from ...", curated by Svetlana Knežević and Selena Junačkov, Contemporary Art Gallery Pančevo, Serbia
2012 Exhibition "Haptic States", University Library "Svetozar Markovic". Curated by artist Svetlana Knežević in collaboration with Selena Junačkov.
2011 Quet cue / Festival – slide projection “Liminal space” Berlin
2011 Exhibition at Art Clinic / Shock gallery, Novi Sad, video installation ”Space/Body” , July 2011
2010 Exhibition at Art Clinic / Shock gallery, Novi Sad, "Water"
2007 Photo and video installation “White album” Gallery “Distrikt” Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade
2005 Faculty of Humanities / Pécs, exhibition, camera opscura
2005 SKC gallery, exhibition "Body" Belgrade

Exhibitions/installations, and video screenings (selection):

2014 Not Sent Letters And Guests, (a recurrent event at different venues, curated by Jeremy Todd),
as Dahlačkov (collaboration with Selena Junačkov) VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver, Canada
2013 Re-constructing the photographic image II, U10 - art space, Belgrade, Serbia
2013 Close-up&Blow-up: Reconstructing the photographic image, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi sad, Serbia
2011 Exhibition Open Secret, Cultural Center Zrenjanin, video installation “Listen/Hear”, photo and
video installation “States of Matter” , December 2011
2011 OK.Video – Jakarta International Video Festival 2011 video ”SPACE / BODY”, October 2011
2011 ALTERNATIVE FILM-VIDEO 2011/Festival of New Film and Video, Student’s city” Cultural Center
Belgrade, video ”SPACE / BODY”, “December 2011
2011 Collaborative video installation "Treshold" exibition organized by Belgrade Independent culture – Self Powered. Cultural Center BIGZ Senjak / Belgrade, Serbia
2011 Contemporary gallery - Zrenjanin Project “Differences”, installation "Beauty will save the world"
2011 Festival Art & Shovels - collaborative video installation "Treshold" Inex fim / Belgrade 2O11
2011 Student Cultural Center/ Factory Project “Differences”, installation "Beauty will save the world"
2010 Novi Sad 2011, Novi Sad/SULUV Gallery - exhibition, "SPACE Ephemeral"
2009 Exhibition at Centre Français Novi Sad, “ARLES 2007”
2008 London/Terminal00 Mixed Show Exhibition - What is white?
2007 Biennale of new media in Belgrade collaborative video installation ”Mute speech”
2007 Festival “April meetings” SKC – collaborative Audio Visual installation "Dream Cat Bed and Feather"
2006 Jonkoping’s Lans Museum in Sweden, Family sexuality Project, photo installation ”Sheet”

Workshops & Experiences:

2012 Master Class/Documentary film, workshop organised during the festival MAGNIFICIENT 7, Belgrade/Serbia
2009 Guerrilla Lighting Workshop during the festival of light - a festival dedicated to the culture of light Belgrade/Serbia
2009-2010 Kosovo, Lipljan. Restauration, conservation and photo documetation of Wall paintings ( Ortodox Curch)
2008 One of the founders of organization "Kroz prozor Fabrika"
2007. ART Summer School held in Uzice organised by the University of Arts in Belgrade/Serbia
2007 participant of the Third International Conference about industrial legacy in Rijeka, with the subject “Visual aspects of the industrial architecture of Belgrade; comparative analysis of the possibilities of adaptation of objects for new uses”
2005 EXITFestival - photography project commissioned by Fim Center Serbia
From 1997 Participant in the projects organized by Independent Alternative Workshop (NAR, organization founded in 1997 in Belgrade, Serbia)
1997-1998 Participant in several workshops organized by NAR in primary schools “Skadarlija” and “20. oktobar” and in “School for Design”, Belgrade