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King Louie - Too Cool

Posted on January 26 2012
Filed under King Louie, Too Cool, Davy Greenberg, Elephilms, MUBU
Louie Fresco - Autophobia

Posted on July 22 2014
Louie C.K. Brand

Posted on November 30 2011
Mortein – Vote: Kill/Save Louie.

Posted on November 21 2011
Louie Vega The Shrine

Posted on June 30 2014
Prince Louie
Lydia Coventry

Posted on June 25 2014
Richard Berry Louie Louie LP
Niall McCormack Illustration

Posted on June 11 2014
Bin Brother - Louie The Fly
Benjamin Heath

Posted on March 17 2014
Filed under Social Media Creative
Claire Thirion Graphiste Designer Côte d'Azur

Posted on September 04 2013
Louie The Fly - Bin Brother
Ben & John

Posted on March 05 2013
Filed under Social Media Creative
Louie Mire
Colchester School of Art: BA (Hons) Photography

Posted on March 13 2014
King Louie
Bodil Jane

Posted on January 26 2014
Louie-Isaaman-Jones Influence
Popular Culture

Posted on December 04 2013
Louie & Papa
Moon Malek

Posted on May 16 2013
Filed under #illustration #characterdesign
Livin' Louie Vito Web Series

Posted on May 08 2013
Filed under short form, web
LOUIE Agenda Musical
Victorine Yok-Thot Sentilhes

Posted on February 26 2013
Filed under Directrice de publication, fondatrice
mortein kill or save louie?
the private lives of sniffer dogs

Posted on February 02 2012
Filed under film, print, digital
david kerman design

Posted on June 10 2011
Filed under Design
Louie Carmelo
Jonas Ganz / Grafiker

Posted on November 10 2014
Louie (political long shot)

Posted on October 23 2014
FX: Louie, Season 2
spinetail media

Posted on September 14 2014
Dennis McInnes

Posted on August 30 2014
Filed under Product Design, Art Direction
Big Louie's Texas Barbecue

Posted on August 10 2014

Posted on May 31 2014
Filed under Design, Art Direction, Motion
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