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Kiwi Shoe Polish Advertising
Michelle J / Portfolio

Posted on September 12 2012
Filed under #advertising, #kiwi, #poster
Kiwi Shoe Polish
Jay Slattery Design

Posted on April 17 2015
Kiwi Shoe Polish
Taylor Horne

Posted on February 21 2014
Kiwi Shoe Polish
Nichol DeRosier

Posted on March 04 2015
Kiwi Shoe Polish
FN Portfolio

Posted on April 01 2015
Filed under Guide to Confidence
Kiwi Shoe Polish
Brooke Powers

Posted on August 26 2014
Kiwi Shoe Polish
The Work of Peter C Kehr

Posted on January 05 2012
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Kiwi Shoe Polish
Dan Kelly // Copywriter with a game face.

Posted on August 10 2015
Kiwi Shoe Polish
Graphic Design and Illustration by Sammy Ostrowski

Posted on May 27 2015
Kiwi Shoe Polish
Sarah Broussard

Posted on November 28 2012
Filed under Texas Creative, Advertising
Kiwi Shoe Polish
short for something

Posted on July 06 2012
KIWI shoe polish
Shio Suzuki

Posted on February 18 2012
KIWI Shoe Polish

Posted on February 18 2012

Posted on November 19 2012
KIWI - Delicate Shoe Cream
Martin Ystrøm - Student Portfolio

Posted on August 23 2012
Filed under Speculative
John — Mason & Smith

Posted on September 06 2015
Filed under fashion, shoes
John — Mason & Smith

Posted on September 01 2015
Filed under fashion, shoes

Posted on September 05 2013
Filed under Advertising
Mirror Your Confidence

Posted on November 05 2012
Filed under Advertising, Art Direction
Earth's best kept secret for long lasting shine

Posted on March 08 2013
Filed under Advertising, Print, Copywriting
National Brands

Posted on January 13 2015
Filed under ecommerce, digital, print, CRM, banner ads, email, skin...
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