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Sherlock Holmes

Posted on January 27 2012
Filed under Sherlock Holmes, Main-On-End, Title Sequence, Titles, ...
Good Vibrations — Motion Graphics
Andy Henry

Posted on December 28 2013
Filed under motion graphics, typography, idents, title cards, good...
David Ferndance
Jack Chen

Posted on May 14 2013
Filed under website, brand
A sense of place for two global brands
Burtt-Jones & Brewer

Posted on April 02 2014
Filed under MSQ, The Gate, Holmes & Marchant, Workplace Design, Bespoke...
Curing the ills of the World
David Maunder

Posted on April 19 2012
Filed under Curing, ills, World, David, Maunder,
Book III
Andrew Cotterill

Posted on April 05 2012
Emma Smith

Posted on October 18 2015
Filed under Collaborators
Showreel 2014
Vinh Martin

Posted on June 27 2014
Work Sample 2014

Posted on February 20 2014
Filed under reel, motion, broadcast

Posted on February 14 2014

Posted on December 24 2013
Hilary Parkin

Posted on June 18 2013
Cap 10 _ Bcn Imatge _ Las entregas

Posted on April 03 2013
Phil Kieran / August 2010

Posted on July 23 2010
Heavy Funkers
Dama Podcast

Posted on March 16 2010
Naomi Davidoff

Posted on June 07 2013
Filed under Spring 2013
Reina Glenn - Writing and Editing

Posted on January 17 2015
David McLeavy

Posted on June 08 2015
Behind the Work
creative collective

Posted on October 31 2011
short film & animation
catarina joão

Posted on July 02 2013
Filed under video editing, documentary, traditional animation, stop...
A List Of Every Film I've Ever Seen

Posted on March 25 2015
Filed under Database
Timothy David Orme

Posted on May 11 2012
Filed under short film
Collective News
creative collective

Posted on May 08 2011
Editorial Illustrations: 2015
Lisa Larson-Walker

Posted on January 09 2015
Filed under illustration, photo illustration
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