AMP Energy: Strikes for Charity
AMP Energy wanted to promote their sponsored UFC fighter, Urijah Faber's next fight with something more positive.

Our answer was Strikes for Charity.

Taking advantage of a well-documented rivalry between Urijah and his opponent, we created a fight promotion to build
buzz and do something positive by collecting donations for Urijah's charity – both before and during the event.

For every strike Urijah Faber landed on his opponent during the fight, AMP Energy would donate money.

During the fight, AMP Energy tracks the strikes and live posts the action in the octagon.

Before the Fight
To get fans involved, AMP Energy lets fans battle their Facebook friends in a fight for charity.

How it works:
Fans challenge a friend.
They each pick a strike. (Punch beats Knee. Knee beats Kick. Kick beats Punch.)
They battle for the best of 5 rounds.
The winner gets cash donated in their name.

A leaderboard shows the players with the best records and the amounts of money donated in their names.