Challenge // In an already flooded market, find a way to make the new GIRO Remedy CF helmet relevant in the Mountain BMX world.

Solution // Most BMX ads are just a glory shots of riders landing unbelievable tricks. But that isn't realistic. If you land every stunt you try, why would you ever need a helmet? That's why I decided to show the other side of BMX. The failures, the fuck-ups, and the "I wish I hadn't done thats". Because before you can master any trick, you need to get ready to eat your weight in dirt.

Go big or go home, just not in a body bag.

Tagline // Armor your think tank.

Copywriter // Scott Spooner
Art Director // Scott Spooner
Photographer // Jake Mumm

★ CMYK 47
★ Silver Addy-Forth Worth
★ DSVC 2010 National Student Show
★ Creative Summit 2010