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Challenge // Caliber Creative built the Deep Ellum Brewing Co. brand from the ground up. Everything from their mark to their posters was overflowing with big, bold, personality. So when they were asked to make a brand book, they needed a tone that embodied the personality they had created.

Solution // DEBC is straight up, honest and unapologetic. And that's exactly what their tone had to be. They don't apologize for being themselves. They don't apologize for calling out corporate beer nonsense. And they sure as hell don't apologize for making great beer. They hold themselves, and all of Dallas, to a higher standard. Because in this town, culture doesn't come cheap.

CW // Scott Spooner, Wayne Geyer

Concept & Design // Caliber Creative

Challenge // HH Fruit Snacks' previous tone and packaging was very young. And as a result, it was being seen as a product for kids. So our goal was simple, help them rebrand so that their product line becomes a more relevant choice for adults.

Solution // Bring the brand to life. We updated the packaging to better show off the products benefits and to add some color to their brand. And I crafted my copy to do the same. I wanted the tone on each package to have that same punch of flavor you'll find in every one of their fruit snacks.

Tagline // Go forth and be fruitful.

CW // Scott Spooner
GD // James Harrison

Challenge // Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital was hosting a scotch & wine tasting for their employees and I was tasked with for coming up with the invitation for the event.

Solution // I found the perfect marriage of doctors and booze when I thought of the age old saying, "Open wide and say aahhh." So to bring these together, I designed the invitations to include a tongue depressor where that saying was the focus. I personally hand stamped each invitation. All 550 of them.

CW // Scott Spooner
GD // Scott Spooner

★ 2012 Dallas Addy - Silver
★ 2012 DSVC Professional Show

Challenge // North Texas is definitely not in short supply of hospitals. So when I had to write these joint spots for Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano, my goal was to find the right way to make them stand out.

Solution // When it comes to radio, talk is cheap. Literally. So to help break these spots out of the "normal hospital mold", I decided that hearing people make their own sound effects would be a fun twist and nice change of pace to help them have their own voice.

♫ THR Joint R Mechanic 30 101311[4].mp3

♫ THR Joint R Wear and Tear 30 101311[4].mp3

Copywriter // Scott Spooner
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