Stéphane Boghossian

Stéphane Boghossian is an Antwerp-born, Beirut-raised aspiring designer with Armenian and jewelry-making family roots. After completing his French baccalaureate in Lebanon, he branched off the popular science-focused education and career track to study Product Design (major) and Interior Design (minor) at Milan’s at NABA. Stéphane has completed internships at design companies such as Tamawa (Jewellery, Belgium), ACID (Product, Lebanon), Saatchi and Saatchi (Graphic, Lebanon) and Rachid Karam Architects (Architecture, Lebanon). He has a passion for luxury product design, and recently won awards for his work for "Luigi Quaglia" and "Design per l’Imprese". He is also a photography aficionado in his spare time.

2011 - 2014 Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milan (BA Design in Product Design)
2012 HRD Jewellery Design Course, Antwerp, Belgium
2011 La Maison des Artistes, Beirut, Lebnon
2010 SPARK! Summer Camp, El Gouna, Egypt
2009 Philips Academy, Andover, USA
2008 Alexanders International School, England
2000 - 2011 NDJamhour - French Baccalaureate // Physics and Chemistry, Hazmieh, Lebanon

2013 Tamawa, Brussels, Belgium - Jewelry Design
2012 Acid works, Dbayeh, Lebanon - Product Design
2011 Rachid karam Architects, Dbayeh, Lebanon - Architecture
2011-2012 Beiruting and BeirutNightLife Photography, Lebanon - Photography
2010 Saatchi and Saatchi, Beirut, Lebanon - Graphic Design

2013 Risographic Printing
2013 Movie as a design tool / Ultracorpi -
2013 Processing Course – Lamba labs/Geek Express
2012 To Collaborate “NABART” – Marco Lampugnani
2012 Exchange Project “ciao - Oyazai” – RED Hong Yi
2012 Music Instruments – Dominique Wilcox
2012 Wequi “Il Mondo di un Paguro” – Luca Poncellini
2012 Biscuit Brand Project “Tasty Toys” – Tour de Fork
2012 Paint Up! V.2-4 – Dihzayners
2012 Kony 2012 Project
2011 The Juxtaposition of old and new – Patrick Morgan
2011 Arduino “Michelle” – Nima Gazestani

2014 BtK, NABA (Laureate Education), Hanoi, Vietnam
2013 Order of Malta, Chabrouh, Lebanon
2012 Caritas, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
2011 Order of Malta, Chabrouh, Lebanon

2013 Designer per l’imprese, Italy - 1st Price
2013 Canon Power to the Next Step, Italy - 5th Youth Place
2012 Luigi Quaglia Jewelry Design, Italy - 2nd Place
2012 Zaatar W Zeit Photography Workshop, Lebanon - 3rd Place

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