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Current site info: I'm in the middle of a responsive, 2012-style overhaul of my portfolio, but decided to host recent work on Cargo in the meantime. Thanks for hanging in there until the new site is unveiled.

Hi! I'm a designer of a bunch of different kinds of things. I work doing app and interface design for Yardsale, and I spend my free time experimenting with type, color, and feminine wedding invitation-style stuff. I also really like letterpress and interior design. My biggest hobby-of-the-moment is makeup application and cosmetic exploration.

I love mexican food, cats, Kurt Vonnegut and The Kardashians. I probably know more about celebrity culture and horror films than most people. My favorite movies are Back to the Future Part 2 and Grey Gardens.

I spend my time with my immensely talented designer boyfriend Christopher Paul and the coolest two best friends in the world Maggie Tielker and Cory Didrick. I also have the most amazing cat ever - Grey-Cat, who I'm pretty sure is some kind of reincarnated genius-human in cat disguise.

If you want to chat with me, interview me, massage my ego, or hate mail me - hit me here: sarahmick15@gmail.com
ph. 414-477-0129

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