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Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disease that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills and, eventually, the ability to carry out the simplest tasks of daily living.

Today over 500 million uses Facebook. It has become our identity and memory online, with facebook you interact, share stories and memories. Because of this we think facebook is the perfect platform for raising the awareness about Alhzeimers. So on the 21st of September (The official Alzheimer day) your facebook page wont look as usual. Your identity is gone, you have no friends and no updates. You simply wont recognize yourself. This is something many people with Alzheimers goes through every day.

Your task becomes to regain your memory (facebook profile) by playing three games. For every game Facebook will donate a small sum of money to the fight against Alzheimer’s.


The first game is about recognising your own face (identity). Among a number of blurry profile picture you have to find the one who is you. The pictures get sharper for every second and the faster you find your picture the more points you get. After clearing this game your profile pictures will return to your profile.

The second game is about remembering your friends (long term memory). To succeed you have to connect the names to the right picture. The faster you do it the better points you get. After clearing this game your facebook friends will return in you profile.

The last game is about status updates (short term memory). Sort your five last status updates in the right order. By accomplish this you will regain your status updates to you profile. Now your profile is fully restored. Facebook will thank you for playing the games, give you a verdict based on the score you have got and also base their donation to The Alzheimers Foundation on that score.


Facebook shows the importance of a network and will get lots of goodwill by doing this.

Playing with your information from facebook is an effective way of showing what Alzheimers is and by making it into a interactive game people will get an easier understanding of the deceases. It get tangible.


Tobias Bergdahl | Concept. Design
Sander Kuypers| Concept, Design,


Hyper Island
Goodby Silverstein & Partners