Inspired by my family’s well documented history, I wanted to create something that allows people to show off their full heritage. I created a website that allows people to input their cultural data and a unique flag is generated for them based on the RGB content and percentage of colour in each respective flag.

Australian - 22% English - 67% Canadian - 8% USA - 1% Scottish - 1% South African -1%
visit the site - pixelflag.com
We set out to capture the beauty of hair and incorporate it into something enduring. We used nucleation to produce melanin of varying degrees depending on hair colour. We then stained salt crystals with this melanin and presented them through a kaleidoscope.

n collaboration with Amy Webster / Milly Bruce / Dan Keefe

Allowing the format to dictate the idea, I made books that conceal spoilers down the side of book relevant to the story within.
DIMAA - 'I have seen that too'
This publication explores the beauty of old posters in Berlin, and the aesthetic that is created by the layering effect on the lamposts. The publication captures the aesthetic and makes it readily available for like minded people who have 'seen that too'

Exploiting number plates as a form of identification. Using lenticular lens technology I created a way for people to add something personal to the contrasting uniform aesthetic of their numberplate.