Night Island

A short animated film. 5' 45"
Technique: 2D Hand Drawn.

A merchant ship navigates through a terrible storm. Onboard a young girl tries to save her cat from being washed overboard. But a wave takes them both and they are swept into the sea. Waking up on a desolate beach, the girl encounters strange creatures that tempt her to stay on the mysterious island. In order to find her way back to her father's ship she must liberate the music trapped in the undertow of the Night Island.
Short listed for Oscars for best animated short on 2011

Night Island - trailer from Salvador Maldonado on Vimeo.

Chopin Etude Opus 25 No.10
Composed by Fryderyk Chopin
Performed by Lang Lang
Written and Directed by Salvador Maldonado
Produced by Crystal Compton & Hugh Welchman
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Official selection

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Production Stills


Character Design:
Liliana Kalnakova, Agnete Todd.

Lead Animators:
Peter Dodd, James Duveen, Allan Fernandez, Sam Taylor, Simon Swales, Gie Santos, Janusz Martyn, Liliana Kalnakova and Crystal Compton.

Assistants Animators:
Moe Sugiyama, Patrick Lerwill, Denise Dean, Panagiota Chadogiannou, Valentina Grasso, Veselina Dashinova, Kate Springfield, Jack Davies and Lorraine Ward.

CG Animation:
Ville Nevalainen, Zakarias Boumediane

Layout Artist:
Victoria Kitchingham

Salvador Maldonado, Hajeet Bains

Additional Animation:
Chris Cray, Dilara Arin, Camilla Lunn, Mark Island and Melody Compton.

Effects and water animation
Kate Springfield

Digital Ink and Paint:
Ermeson Viera, Sarah Murphy, Nubya Garcia, Yui Hamagashira, Alexander King and Agnete S. Todd.

Matte Painting:
Agnete S. Todd, Marcus Jose and Thomas Hebdon.

Script Editor:
Robin Todd

Editor and Storyboard:
Salvador Maldonado

Milo's Model:
Lea Ferlauto

Sound Designer:
Joseph Stracey