From A to B and Back Again

BAFTA WINNER 2012 - Seeking Refuge

Nominated for The Best Film for Children at Festival TOFUZI 2012
Austin Film Festival

A journey from East Asia

From Seeking refuge series
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Stills from the Series "Seeking refuge"
RACHEL - a journey from East Asia

Duration 4'40"
Produced by Mosaic Films


Producer / Director:
Andy Glynne

Animation Director:
Salvador Maldonado

Illustration and Design
Tom Clohosy Cole, Tine Mette Jespersen

Character Design
Alexander Belbari, Simon Swales

2D hand drawn Animation
Simon Swales

Animation and Compositing
Salvador Maldonad, Federico Parodi, Warren Chapman and Peque Varela

Production Assistant
Sarah Vaughan, Jack Rubenstein and Marie Yap