Born in Australia, Sally Rumble graduated from the University of Canberra with a Bachelors of Industrial Design. Six months later, she moved to New York City in the summer of 2000 after landing an industrial design internship with Smart Design NYC. She left Oz with two suitcases and her ambition. A three month internship turned into a full time position as one of only two female industrial designers on staff. She had the opportunity of working with clients such as OXO International, Hewlett Packard, Lego, Schick and Bic, to name a few.

Four years later, Sally took a sideways step to the world of affordable luxury at Coach, one of the biggest selling accessories businesses in the world. There, she worked as a design developer for the department of women's handbags, working closely with head designers to create a new collection every month. it was fast paced to say the least.

Missing the studio environment of Smart Design, Sally left Coach in 2006 to join the newly formed design team at accessories company BUILT NY. BUILT was a three year old company at the time, specializing in neoprene totes, laptop sleeves and lunch bags. She joined the team as a Senior Designer and soon after was promoted to Director of Design.

Her latest focus is designing for social impact which neatly ties into her new role as Senior Industrial Designer at Quirky. Quirky makes invention accessible where ideas are created in the living room not the board room, by an online community of followers all around the world. Indeed, the future of design isn't about 'me', it's about 'we'.