The New City Hamam is a Turkish Steam Bath where you can get a traditional foam massage and skin peeling. Stay clean! Bleib' sauber!

Adverts for smith&nephew | ACUFEX surgical instruments;
(Adverts took out directly behind eachother in a special interest journal).

1–– Young hand:
»A promising career begins with the decision for precision: ACUFEX.«

2–– Middle-aged hand:
»In the operating room you rely on your knowledge and experience. And on the reliability of: ACUFEX.«

3–– Old hand:
»Every successful career terminates eventually. ACUFEX doesn’t.«

Claim: ACUFEX. Precise. Reliable. Long-lasting.

@ switch life brands | Hamburg 2009-2010

Various advertising media for the norwegian tour operator »HURTIGRUTEN«
(catalogs, folders, flyers, adverts, advertorials, editorial …)

@ KMF | Hamburg 2007-2008

Merchandising (Mailing) for »Die ZEIT« (german Newspaper):
A new children’s book edition „Fantastic stories for the young ones“

@ KMF | Hamburg 2007-2008 | Concept and Copy: Gerald Marc Auguste
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