The Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Virginia's brand needed a new direction. A direction that would differentiate it from other Grand Lodges as well as attract new members.

The Beehive
A quarterly publication that serves as the official publication of the Grand Lodge.

Cover redesign

The website will serve as an information hub for current and new members to stay up to date with the happenings of the Grand Lodge.

Logo Concepts

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The Afterlife Restaurant & Nightclub

Concept created from a final project in one of my undergrad classes. The Afterlife is a place that you go to get away from your daily grind. Enjoy authentic Italian food, listen to live music, and watch the latest big game on the big screen.

The C.N.O.T.E. Foundation

C.N.O.T.E. is an acronym which stands for "Create Nothing Other Than Excellence". C.N.O.T.E.'s mission is to increase reading, writing and math proficiency among underrepresented youth and pipeline such youth to Historically Black Colleges and Universities.A logo was created for each of the states that The C.N.O.T.E. Foundation has a presence.

C.N.O.T.E. Business Card

These cards were created with personalization in mind. Each executive team member has the C.N.O.T.E. corresponding state logo that they work in on the back of the card.

Josh Washington Signature Films

DP Distributors
Concept created for a client


trimiew. is the identity that represents the graphic artwork that I create. The "W" is the first letter of my middle name. The simple yet complex look of the logo is fitting to the style of my graphic work.

Announce All Occasions Event and Wedding Planner

Announce All Occasions Events and Wedding Planner needed a logo that encompassed the various services it provided. The look is clean and modern.

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Isley Brewing Company is one of the newest additions to the booming craft brewery scene here in Richmond, Virginia. I was tapped to create original artwork for two of their signature beers, Plain Jane and The Bribe Oatmeal Porter.

Plain Jane
Isley wanted a 1950's pin up girl look for the Plain Jane White Ale beer. I implemented digitally painting to achieve the pin up look.

The Bribe
I was asked to convert and touch up an original sketch of The Bribe. I added a new banners, and a distinct background to give the illustration a more modern look and appeal.

Various flyers created to promote events hosted by The C.N.O.T.E. Foundation.

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Random Consistency was an online magazine created for the student body at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University during the Spring and Fall semesters of 2011. Click HERE to read any of the issues.



"IV" consisted of a series of 8.5"x11" artwork pieces that were released during the months leading up to the release of issue number four.

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I grew up playing baseball in the Huguenot Little League organization. So, I wanted to pay homage and create a concept project centered around their Fall Ball season.


Banner Ads


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This summer I volunteered with the Marketing and Public Relations department at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond. My contributions consisted of various graphic design work.

Presentation Visuals

Arts Expo Poster/Banner
A compilation of photographs over the past few years in NC, GA, and NY. I used Adobe Photoshop to retouch and manipulate the photographs.


Wall Art - A personal project of including my artwork in various existing art decor pictures.

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Compilation of illustrations from actual and concept projects.

W&M Mason School of Business

A contest entry at Mason School of Business wanted need an illustration that communicated the concept behind their leadership development program--Leadership Development Experience (LDE).

Design Brief Excerpts
1) “...Blends the best of interactive classroom discussion/debate and experiential learning opportunities.”

Solution: (The interchanging and movement of the semi circles and circles represent the “blending”)
2) “Students who have gone through the program will not "make a difference", but rather "be the difference" and the graphic needs to convey this.”

Solution: (The graphics coming out of the school is a symbol of the students “coming out” of the program and transitioning from students to professionals)

I was given the challenge of recreating a child's drawing of "Bo, The Anti-Bullying Dog".
*Note* flyer was featured in the following publications; About Conyers magazine, The Citizen, Covington News, On Common Ground, About Covington, Newton Citizen, and Rockdale Citizen.

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