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Ruslizm Acrylic Markers on a Skateboard | 2014
See more images or read about this project here.

I Love Letters Print | 2013
Colors: silver, red, black,
Limited Edition of 25 prints
Print: naturepaper, schoellershammer, 240g
Size: 30x45cm
Price: -sold out-

I Love Letters; Typedesign | 2011

ABC straight Print | 2012
Color: green/blue
Limited Edition of 25 prints
Print: matte paper/scheufelen/200g
Size: 50x70cm
Price: -sold out-

ABC rounded print | 2010

»Happy B-Day Dater« Print on Forex | 2009


DIGITALRUSL Print | 2006
Idea and concept
…is a print series which I completed in 2005. For each month of the year (12 in total), I painted a sketch and this subsequently vectorized. For the color scheme I have been inspired by the current season colors, so each drawing always give a information about the current color scheme of the nature outisde. All drawings were printed on FOREX-plates and exhibited in three exhibiton. On this occasion, a calendar was printed that showed every month with the corresponding picture. The edition was 150 pieces and was limited. Here you can see an excerpt of it plus on special one called »grey world«.

-Sold out-