Riggins bodyActing spline 005 2 from Rory Riggins on Vimeo.

Melee Attack Test from Rory Riggins on Vimeo.


Character Animation Demo Reel 2014 from Rory Riggins on Vimeo.

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Password: toons

CG Animation Demo Reel Breakdown:

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Nickelodeon Animated TV Series
Responsible for all animation and camera in the shots shown. Shots are from the series, main title sequence, and promos. All shown work has aired. All work is copyright Nickelodeon Animation Studios.
2. Heavy Object - Weight Exercise
Responsible for rigging of the hammer and all animation.
3. Lunch Breaks - Independent Animated Short
Responsible for all of the animation in the shots shown. Additionally did some modeling, texturing, camera, layout, lighting, and rendering for the film.

I am currently seeking CG Animation work. Feel free to contact me at:

2D Animation/Flash Reel

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2D Animation Reel Breakdown:

1. Fetaljuice - Personal Project
Personal animation project. Designed and animated the characters and did the sound. Based on a tweet by @lanyardtwerk.
2. Legend Of Oscar - Spirit Clips
Responsible for all character animation in the shots shown. Used a combination of symbol animation and frame-by-frame traditional animation.
3. Where's My Water 2 - Cutscene for Disney's Mobile App
Responsible for all character animation in the shots shown. Used a combination of symbol animation and frame-by-frame traditional animation.
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Animator at Disney Consumer Products & Interactive Media
March 2014 - Present

Character animator and CG generalist primarily for Disney Jr. mobile apps, focusing on story-driven
interactive play. Involved in every step of the process, including ideation, modeling, UVs, texturing,
shading, particle effects, lighting, rigging, and animation. Create CG art that is optimized for mobile,
but still reaches for the quality of television, film, and console gaming. Supervise in-house and
3rd party vendors' artists on certain projects, while doing production on multiple other projects at
once. Requires extensive intra-office and inter-office communication to make projects of the
highest quality in a timely manner.

Runner at MPC
January 2014 - March 2014

Provide exceptional service to clients and employees to ensure a smooth running and efficient studio.
Responsibilities included facilities management, serving meals and drinks to clients and employees,
running drives to and from nearby studios, and maintaining a professional work environment

Lead Animator at Animax Entertainment
April 2013 - October 2013

Animate and design characters, props, and effects in Flash for a variety of projects. Stylistically
combine symbol animation and traditional animation to create the highest quality animations
as efficiently as possible. Supervise other designers and animators through the preproduction and animation process.

Match Move Artist/Tracker at Sassoon Film Design
April 2011 - August 2013

Model, animate, and shade characters and sets in Maya to match live action films for 3D stereoscopic conversion. Utilize 3D tracking software to obtain camera movement data.

CG Animator at Nickelodeon Animation Studios
February 2012 - November 2012

Animate and pose characters for publicity, posters, hookbooks, and episodes for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. Work within show’s unique animation style to animate shots of the highest quality while adhering to strict production deadlines.

CG Production Assistant at Nickelodeon Animation Studios
June 2011 - January 2012

Production assistance involving artist management, electronic file management, shipment of assets
to overseas studios, and workflow streamlining processes for the animated series
Fanboy and Chum Chum.

Compositor/Designer at Stone & Company Entertainment
January 2011 - March 2011

Compositing, electronic file management, and design for the animated portions of the Nickelodeon game show, Brain Surge.

CG Production Assistant Intern at Nickelodeon Animation Studios
September 2010 - December 2010

Production assistance involving electronic file management, shipment of assets to overseas studios, and any additional assistance to keep the production pipeline running smoothly.

Rochester Institute of Technology Class of 2010
BFA Film and Animation

Thugger Thugger - Illustrator/Photoshop
Katy Perry - Maya/Photoshop
Tiefling Rogue - Photoshop
Self Portrait - Illustrator/Photoshop
Album Cover from my Ram EP - Illustrator/Photoshop/Sea Caving in Big Sur
Album Cover from my Hellebrate/Climb Trees Single - Illustrator/Photoshop
Sculpture 1 - Reclaimed Wood/Acrylic/Marker/Pencil
Sculpture 2 - Reclaimed Wood/Acrylic/Gold Foil
This one is about the bunnyman in Virginia where I grew up - Photoshop/Pen
Pig and a Pigeon - Photoshop

Fuck Diesel Pt. I from Rory Riggins on Vimeo.

Music Video for my song Fuck Diesel Pt. 1. Check out the rest of my music here

Animated Tweet 02 - How Babies Are Born from Rory Riggins on Vimeo.

Animation based on the following tweet:

Animated Tweet 1 - Who Are You? from Rory Riggins on Vimeo.

Animation based on the following Tweet:

Stuffy from Doc McStuffins
I modeled, UV'd, rigged, textured, shaded, and animated this model of Stuffy from DocMcstuffins - optimized for Unity's game engine for multiple apps.

StuffyTurntable from Rory Riggins on Vimeo.

Stuffy Excited from Rory Riggins on Vimeo.

Stuffy Hopping on the Couch! from Rory Riggins on Vimeo.

Dolphin Model
Facial/Edge Loop Detail:
Glib Rig for Animschool
I rigged this character completely from scratch for the Intro to Rigging course in Animschool. The model was provided by Animschool.

It is my intention to animate a scene with this rig, so I am optimizing it for cartoony animation. For the moment, expressions are animated with blendshapes controlled by the facial GUI to the left of the head. There is a joint for the jaw, and I plan on adding joints for brows, cheeks, and lips down the line.

This was my first rig completely from scratch. I've learned a ton in the process and found that rigging is more fun than I ever thought it could be!

In-Progress Wolverine Rig
Rigging simple character for an upcoming collaborative webseries. I modeled the character, made the joint chain, skinned, painted weights, and added 2d planes for face (parented to neck controls). Rigged using Rapid Rig Advanced autorigger. Character design and face drawings by Ryan Neff
Joint Chain. Note the extra joints for cartoony bendy arms.
Test Pose (using temp claws):
A set I modeled, UV'd, textured, lit, and rendered all in Luxology Modo. Design based on a Chinese opium den.