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Future Practice: Conversations from the Edge of Architecture

New book by Rory Hyde exploring emergent roles for architects in the 21st century. Published by Routledge and Taylor & Francis, 2012.

Designers around the world are eagerly carving out opportunities for new kinds of engagement, new kinds of collaboration, new kinds of design outcomes, and new kinds of practice; overturning the inherited assumptions of the design professions. This book presents seventeen conversations with practitioners from the fields of architecture, policy, activism, design, education, research, history, community engagement and more, each representing an emergent role for designers to occupy. Whether the "civic entrepreneur," the "double agent," or the "strategic designer," this book offers a diverse spectrum of approaches to design, each offering a potential future for architectural practice.

- Bruce Mau
- Indy Johar, Architecture 00:/
- Reinier de Graaf & Laura Baird, AMO
- Mel Dodd, muf_aus
- Wouter Vanstiphout, Crimson
- Camila Bustamante
- Steve Ashton, ARM
- Matt Webb, BERG
- Bryan Boyer, Helsinki Design Lab
- Todd Reisz, on consultants
- Marcus Westbury, Renew Newcastle
- DUS Architects
- Jeanne Gang, Studio Gang
- Conrad Hamann, on Robin Boyd
- Liam Young, Unknown Fields
- Arjen Oosterman & Lilet Breddels, Volume
- Natalie Jeremijenko, Environmental Health Clinic

"This book offers a set of half-drawn blueprints, half-formed thoughts, tentative experiments, contingent structures, and false memories of alternative trajectories; in other words, perfect material to prototype the new edges of architecture with." - Dan Hill, from the foreword.

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Editor: Wendy Fuller / Design: Sam de Groot / Transcription: Jude Crilly / Cover photo: Liam Tickner