Al Manakh 2

Al Manakh 2: Gulf Continued is a publication examining the architecture, urbanism, economy and society of the Gulf region. With 120 contributors, largely drawn from the region itself, Al Manakh 2 is an informed and comprehensive study of the Gulf just as its future is challenged by the financial crisis of 2009.

Edited by Rem Koolhaas and Todd Reisz, and produced by Archis, AMO, NAi and Pink Tank.

Rory Hyde formed part of the production team at Archis, contributing a year of research, a number of articles and illustrations, particularly focused on the role of foreign consultants.

  • City Ranks – List of how the Gulf rates in the international charts of cities, pp.14-15
  • Dubai Bashing – A list of headlines and quotations chronicling a year of Dubai bashing, p.68
  • Dubai Bashing Article Generator – Seven steps to formulaic critical journalism, p.69
  • Measuring the Presence of Consultants – The rise and rise of foreign advice, pp.160-163
  • Selling Adelaide – The implicit imposition of Australian urban models on the Gulf, pp.164-166
  • From Extreme Skateboarding to Stalled Globalization – The changing rhetoric of McKinsey in the Gulf: before and after the crisis, pp.168-169
  • Qatari Diar: From Expansion to Entanglement – A timeline tracing the furore over London’s Chelsea Barracks development set in context to QD’s other international investments, pp.448-450
  • UK & UAE: Best Frienemies – A timeline tracing a delicate ballet of media, politics and economics to maintain mutual cooperation, pp.490-492
  • Al Manakh Network Map – Graphic of the location of each of the 120 contributors to AM2, pp.532-533

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