Ronan Murphy

Digital Designer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Made Branding + Website

Art Direction, Branding and Web Design.

A start-up fashion label based in the Gold Coast that is set to launch in 2014 wanted help naming and branding their company. This project was part of the Shillington Masterclass.

Cleanawater Web Design

Cleanawater needed a large website refresh that wouldn’t damage the conversion rate from their previous site. I was in charge of wire-framing, design and the responsive nature of the website. This was a freelance project I completed while at Digital 360.

Cleanawater Website

Through LuckyOrange and Google Analytics we collected data of how our users interacted with the current website. The client’s main focus was to get potential customers to communicate with the company in order to create potential leads. We knew how successful the combination of top navigation along with full product and service navigation on the left was doing so we didn’t’ want to change this.

Website Refresh with Mobile First

Overall Cleanawater didn’t want a completely new design but rather a refresh to give it a more professional and personal touch. We had established that our customers using mobile and tablet devices were on the increase and that had to be a focus.

Linotype Revival

Linotype wanted to re-inspire people’s love for the typeface Bodoni as well as increase sales of the classic font.

The concept behind ‘Life Looks Better in Bodoni’ is that some of the least palatable situations in life can be improved if recast with the magic touch of the Bodoni typefaces.

Examples of Bodoni

The 18th century typeface designed by Italian typographer Giambattista Bodoni is seen today in a wide variety of places. Most commonly in the world of fashion but also with occasional cameos in the world of music.

The Idea

From my research I noticed that Bodoni is used to make things appear fashionable as well as adding a level of sophistication. I wondered if could it make anything look better so I placed the fashionable typeface alongside not so likeable things in everyday life to create a series of harmonious juxtapositions.

Creating the idea ‘Life Looks Better in Bodoni’.

The Website

The website would feature Bondoni’s famous book which the users could interact to see various words featured in beautiful typeface against the not-so-beautiful images.

Online Ads

We would drive traffic from the Linotype website as well as remarketing ads which targeted our design focused audience. By embedding the typeface through css we could allow our audience to flick a switch and see the story in a different way.

Mobile App

For fun our mobile app would allow users to take photos of their own everyday life and add some of the great Bodoni typeface to it.

Be The Difference

While working at Brando I worked in 3 of the Be The Difference campaigns as a designer. Each campaign wanted to bring Irish rugby supporters closer to the Irish Rugby team. I was installed on making design changes to lead designs, email designs, blog designs, online ad builds and redskins to the main designs for other campaigns such as Cork GAA Rebel Roar below.

The Campaigns have been hugely successful and have gone on to win Kinsale Shark, Golden Spider, Digital Media Award for Best Digital Campaign, One Show Interactive Merit Awards and a Bronze Cyber Lion at Cannes. Be the Difference Rugby Campaign video below.

Cork Rebel Roar

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Change the Future

Art Direction and Designer

Unicef recruited Brando to create an online campaign to encourage young people to complete a survey, which would help shape a better future for thousands of young people. The idea behind the survey is that you could change and potentially save somebody's life.

So ‘Change the Future’ was coined. We came up with an online game to find a missing person in a cityscape to show how easy it was to find somebody, which then promoted him or her to go change somebody's life for real.

O2 Recruitment

O2 required an online presence to attract more young people into working in their retail outlets. They also wanted to demonstrate the benefits and rewards of working in store. We made an immersive 3D store in which they could explore and learn about all things O2. Leading the design and flash components, my main role was to create day in the life video’s of 4 different O2 employees as well as some of the section interfaces. I worked in conjunction with programmer John Byrne, lead designer Brad McLean and 3D artist Sean McDermott. O2 Recruitment was the winner of a Gold ICAD.