Monte da Ravasqueira 2014

Photography - Mood and product shoots for main catalogue.
© Rodrigo Vasconcelos - White brand services and Monte da Ravasqueira

That Image 2014

Photography Projects, commercial photography
© Rodrigo Vasconcelos - That Image

REN 2014

Photography - Documentary for main catalogue.
© Rodrigo Vasconcelos - White brand services and REN

Tresporcento 2011

Art direction and Photography for the front and back cover of the Album Hora Extraordinária, as well as the profile picture of this acclaimed Portuguese band, Album design by Diogo Conceicao.

Ambience Production 2012

Photography Projects from Ambience Production and other commercial assignments.

Redz Communications Enterprise 2013

Photojournalism work.

Working in partnership with the Perak State Government and Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia.

Malaysian Northern Tribes 2013
Selection of photos from a book about Belum Rainforest National Park (in Production)

Pangkor 2013
Selection of photos from the book Allures, Vignettes of Pangkor Island, Ipoh 2013

Jungles 2013

Jungles explores the concreted urban Jungles we live in today.

The Concrete images were shot in Plymouth, a city partial destroyed during World War II with a redevelopment plan that made concrete one of Plymouth's main features.

The Forest images were shot in Malaysia peninsula, home to some of the oldest rain forests on earth (130 million years). Today Malaysian deforestation is at 4 times the sustainable rate.

Black Doors 2009

“Black Doors” unlocks the portal between private and public space. Through this project I have exposed our hidden communities by asking my neighbors on Queens Court, Bristol, to pose for my camera on their doorsteps, in the same way they would normally exist behind closed doors.

This portraits series of people standing in pyjamas in front of their apartments raises issues related to social relationship and identity. By means of presenting my images as a whole, without any identification except the apartment numbers, I have highlighted the way we see and place ourselves within twenty first century society.

We have become part of a superficial and electronic network of communities, alienating those who live in closest proximity to us, preferring dehumanizing substitutes instead of more direct, less mediated human contact.

Fish Portraits 2005

Collection of Fish portraits for the Lisbon Oceanario

This collection was shot exclusively for the Oceanario official webpage and later turned into a postcard collection.

Area Code 020 2007

London street photography journal, shoot on classic 35mm Kodak TRI-X film.

Bangkok Portraits 2013

Collection of street portraits shoot in Bangkok metropolis.

Rodrigo Vasconcelos Compositing Show Reel from Rodrigo on Vimeo.

First Compositing Showreel

After being introduced to Nuke in May this year, This is my first Compositing Showreel with Two scenes that demonstrate some skills learned through self learning.


Scene One:

Footage and CG Animation - Eat 3D

Scene Two:

Footage - Tears of Steel

All Compositing made in Nuke over CG Lighting and Rendering using Maya

Thank you!

Also have a look through my Photography Portfolio

Si.Lence from Rodrigo on Vimeo.

A Elena Perez Martin and Marta Stawiarska Film

Starring Anne Susigan

Director of Photography Rodrigo Vasconcelos

Edited by Elena Perez Martin, Marta Stawiarska and Rodrigo Vasconcelos

Music by Raimundo "El Nene"


Peace One Day - Making Of from Joao Monteiro on Vimeo.

Director: João Monteiro
Director of Photography: Rodrigo Vasconcelos
Actress: Francisca Ataíde Cordeiro
Post-Production: João Monteiro
Music: Captain Planet - Fumando
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