Animation ~ Timekeeper

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Above are photos of the Camera Obscura I made, I used this to draw the frames which where then adapted to produce 'Time Keeper'

You can see that my materials are pretty lo-fi, here it's the process that's important to me, not the object.

The lens inside the box is from an old overhead projector; I use a piece of perspex to rest my paper on while drawing the frames.

The whole disc rotates using an old record player spindle.
I put a piece of card on the chair to stop the disc at equal measures, so I get a consistently timed rotation. The disc I place the object onto has doweling with slots cut into them, when I've drawn all my frames I can turn this disc upside down and slot my frames in, to watch the animation on a makeshift zoetrope.

When I'm drawing it looks a bit like those old photos of Victorian photographers. In part because photography was born out of the technology which had been used as a camera obscura for centuries previous.

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