Robby Herbst is an interdisciplinary artist, and critical writer. He develops large and small platforms that engage creatively with forms of dissidence.

Politics, language, ideology: the ways it manifest in bodies as expression, movement, history, and action.
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Critical Practice Notes is a low-fi print-only newsletter, available through the US Postal Service. The letter contains unique writing, essays, interviews, and ephemera. The letter explores the nature of a critical creative practice in the era of cognative capitalism.

Individuals my subscribe to CPNotes by contacting the publisher at slowtractor@hotmail.com. Back issues are also available.

CPNotest 1 Fall 2016
Introductory Note - Editor
On Critical Practice - Dont Rhine
Divestment Club Report Back - with Carolyn Caycedo, Elena Bajo, and Cori Redstone,
Not An Alternative, Critical Practice Interview
Ephemera Corner - Editor

CPNotes 2 Winter 2017
Introductory Note - Editor
Intro + Critical Practice Interview, Alan Moore
Leslie Dryer. Folks Need to Train Up- interview
Cheetoh Confidential - Marc Herbst
The Meow On Top Of Mount Washington - Interview with Lisa Anne Auerbach
Cheetoh Confidential - Nicholas Lampert
Cheetoh Confidential - A.L. Steiner
Ephemera Corner - Josh Macphee

CPNotes 3 Spring 2017
Introductory Note - Editor
What's The Recipe For A Municipal Movement - Interview with Zemos 98
The Organizers of Denmark's Trampoline House - Interview with Morton Goll
Ephemera Corner - Jessica Fleischmann
Illustrations by Social Emergency Resource Center

CPNotes 4 Fall 2017
Lessons As Art, Intro Note - Editor
On The Breakdown Break Down - interview with Brett Bloom
taisha pagget : A Movement Of Technicolor People - Interview
Supercuts - contributions by Sarah Ross, Ryan Griffis, Carol Zou, Caroline Wollard, and Jennifer Moon.
Ephemera Corner- The Center For Tactical Magic

What is the relationship between game-play and the ideologies surrounding creativity and work?

New New Games is a participatory artwork by Robby Herbst exploring the democratic and generative New Games spirit and its legacy, sponsored by Southern Exposure, the Graue Foundation, and the Headlands Center For The Arts, It took the form of a publication, a series of public talks, and two distinct play events in the Bay Area. The New New Games website contains a complete archive of the project and pdf of the publication.


New Games Re:Play was a reunion and festival of the original New Games community, developed in collaboration foundational members of the New Games community. It took place on June 26, 2016 at the Headlands Center for the Arts, adjacent to the Gerbode Valley, the site of the original 1973 New Games Tournament.

Photo courtesy of Andria Lo

Tournament of Games was a public play event involving games reflecting upon the legacy of the New Games spirit in the Bay Area of today. We played such games as Uber Grinder Lift, Gig Economy, and....

The Great Transformer, The Impact Of The Internet On Economic Growth And Prosperity

The game starts with a group hug, then players recite the name of the game, and try to unbalance their opponents

Infinity Boffing

Vanquish the imperfections cast back upon you from your image, as you confront the offending mirror with the soft foam boffing sword. Agree upon a target with your opponent, perhaps your head or your heart, and whoever knocks the other in that location three times loses.

Warehousing People

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In this game, there are two teams. The first are those set to be ware- housed; the second are those doing the warehousing.


In distributing the game Twister the Milton Bradley Company made millions of dollars maunufacturing “sex in a box”. In our version of the game we’ve found a way to sell you a whole lot more than your own pleasure, we’re gonna sell you things you already own: schools, utilities, infrastructure, and jails.


The $Earthball is the pied piper of New New Games
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An Exhibition and Event Series About The Politics and Poetics of Self-Determination Movements

Organized by Daniel Tucker, “Organize Your Own: The Politics and Poetics of Self-Determination Movements”, is a multi-city exhibition and event series to take place in Philadelphia at Kelly Writers House (January 14 – February 17, 2016) and Chicago at The Averill and Bernard Leviton Gallery (March 3 – April 9, 2016), with events taking place in both cities throughout the exhibitions. Organize Your Own is an exhibition and event series featuring new work by contemporary artists and poets that responds to archival materials related to the history of white people organizing their own working-class white neighborhoods in Philadelphia (the October 4th Organization) and Chicago (the Young Patriots Organization) in keeping with the mandate from the Black Power movement to “organize your own” community against racism.

Review in Hyerpallergic
Review in New City Chicago