Pengilly's - Toby's hill

I'm fascinated by cults such as Heaven's Gate, West Boro Baptist Church, Raelism, Scientology etc etc. How charismatic God complex individuals can have so much power over people who might not necessarily be stupid or weak, just suggestible. The band were really open to how i wished to portray them, Ric particularly; as a spoilt egomaniac, drunk on power over the group.

Featuring: Pengilly's and Becky Walker

Written by: Rob Blake and Silas Parry
Directed by: Rob Blake
Produced by: Rob Blake, Thomas Harrison, Rory Martinez and James-Alexander Adair
Costume design: Rose Love
Editor: Rob Blake
Stills Photography: Reece Leung and Kirsty Garland
Thanks: Matt and everyone at Otley Sailing Club, Adam Chesney, James Rhodes, Sam Barratt (at Nike SB), Becky Walker, Matt Burton & Dave Williams

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