Art Relay - Dollop/KK Outlet

I was honoured to be asked to be part of the DOLLOP/KK OUTLET "ART RELAY" PROJECT for the olympics. along with loads of talented film makers and musicians.
we were put into relay teams - i was handed the baton by the brilliantly talented Arne Blackman who sent me a track inspired by front crawl for me to illustrate in video. I wanted to combine both sides of the commission - the olympics and dance culture.
the effect was done in camera using a strobe light and the poem is both remembrance of my fear of sharks as a kid and musings on swimming in an international event.

Shown at KK Outlet's gallery in Shoreditch from 3rd-20th August 2012

starring tom didlock and tyron maynard.
music by Arne Blackman

' Those dark shapes are ghostly stripped sharks
swimming underneath the chlorinated azure blues
of tiled seas
Sleek motion through spotlight
as rhythm flows on rhythm
deeply inhaling the strobed cries of the crowd
Like dance,
only to the beat of body
and the swells of the water '

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Arne Blackman -
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thanks to Rosanna Gammon, Silas Parry and Sam Laurence.