The Solar System has been colonised for business and resource-mining. John works for Selcorp, surveying asteroids in deep space. Selcorp care little for their workers and John’s run-down probe becomes stranded after meteor damage. Desperate to spite the company he has grown to hate, the only influence John holds is financial - finish the contract at the cost his life - and receive insurance payouts. As his damaged space probe powers down around him, John leaves his life insurance payouts to a female colleague. Any sense of a poetic, romantic gesture, however, is tainted by his desire to project the guilt and responsibility for his death onto a virtual stranger. His video messages chronicle fleeting reflections as inconsequential conversations with Lisa grow into a sinister obsession.
Adikia. The ugly Greek goddess of injustice. Also: an act of unrighteousness directed against another person, but not against God (or power).

The making of this film brought together a dedicated team; from various backgrounds, who worked hard to make the best film we could with the resources at hand. It was exciting to take a project from concept to screen in such a short time frame. We all went a bit mad by the end of it but the whole process was really fun.

Dir. Rob Blake
Writ. Rob Blake Silas Parry Annabeth Robinson
Prod. Rob Blake Silas Parry Annabeth Robinson
Music. Dave Williams
Prod. assist. Robbie King

John was played by John Lamb
Lisa by Lauren Sharman
The computer voice by Bernice McBride
Thanks to Lamin, Martin Darbyshire, Crowns and
Owls, Tom Smith, MAP, Lucy Barker, Leeds College of Art, Provision

In memory of Doug Tonkin, who we wanted to shoot this.

Made in 3 days start to finish.

Here's some posters for a film 50 people have seen.
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