“Packed couple” for Condomania
Photographer Hal started packing couples together in futon vacuum bags to preserve their love forever. The process to achieve this eternal image is very organic and each couple can only be left inside the seal bag for 10 seconds.
This documentary produced by Condomania, shows us how Photographer Hal does it, why he does it, and what his creative vision is. At the same time, we also discover what the couple feels about the experience and eternal love. The documentary is part of a bigger brand campaign that includes indoor and street posters created by Ogilvy & Mather Japan.
Condomania is a franchise in Japan that strives to promote safe and protected love to its audience.

Campaign covered by BBC, Adweek, Playboy, Campaign, Marketing UK, Fast Co, Business Insider, Campaign Brief Asia, Le Soir, Ad Age, Taxi, Horizon, Huffington Post, Ad Latina, Latin Spots, Marie Claire, Público, RTL, etc.

Campaign of the Week on Creative Review, Ad Age The Creativity Top 5, Cover of Luerzers Archive Vol. 4/2104...


for University of Tokyo
Inspired by the story of Naoko Yamazaki, the second Japanese woman to go into space, and a graduate of Class of 93 from the University of Tokyo, the “Explorer” film takes us on a journey from the moment she entered the University of Tokyo until she landed back on earth. Through her memories we find out all she learned, all she experienced and all she discovered on this voyage of a lifetime.
Created as a short biopic by Ogilvy & Mather Japan, the “Explorer” film is a motivational tale to promote the outstanding talent being nurtured at the world-leading University.
The international campaign aimed at students worldwide was supported by print and digital.

Integrated TTL global campaign to launch the new Philips Aurea, showcase its unique features and position it as the top of the range premium choice.

Based on the central creative concept "Seduction by Light", campaign spanned out into a short film by award winning director Wong Kar Wai, broadcasted on line and in all the Philips retailers around the world, exclusive Vogue editorial by Vincent Peters, on line platform enabling consumers to experience the new Philips Aurea first hand, print campaign in exclusive titles and limited edition DVD.

Agency: DDB International

Cannes, NY Festival, Eurobest and ADCN Nominations.


There's Only One Sun by Wong Kar Wai

There's One Sun - Trailer 30"

There's One Sun - Trailer 60"

The Complete TTL Case

Digital Platform


Vogue Editorial by Vincent Peters

Global P&P Campaign by Vincent Peters

Integrated TTL campaign to celebrate the 50 years of World Press Photo, increase brand awareness and traffic on worldpressphoto.com, promote the commemorative special edition book.

Agency: DDB Amsterdam


Created and produced for DDB Amsterdam
Wild poster campaign to celebrate unknown famous runners. Runners who were only known by their peers and competed mainly to break their personal records.

Agency: W+K Amsterdam


"Menu Anti-Burnout" created with new media artist/curator artist Hugo Israel.

The idea behind this street art installation was to raise awareness against "Burnout".
More than 100 anti-burn out recipes were created and printed on more than 1500 dishes.

At the site, visitors could discover the recipes placed on several walls, write their own suggestions on blank dishes and later break them against an interactive wall.

Commissioned by the Lisbon City Hall.
Permanent exhibition at Chiado, Lisbon.

Examples of recipes anti-burnout:

"Steak à lá Don't Sell Your Soul"
"Grilled Codfish with Strong Convictions"
"Chocolate mousse with Bits of I Couldn't be Bothered"



Global integrated campaign to promote a new series of Philips creative gadgets. Showcase the products in action and inspire young audiences to use them in unexpected ways.

Agency: DDB International

Eurobest Nomination


Print campaign to celebrate the unique advantage of playing with Lego.

Agency: JWT Lisbon
Grand Prix Eurobest
Bronze Cannes


Print campaign to raise awareness about Derban Band Aids, and showcase how convenient it can be to always have a Derban handy.

Agency: Z.
Gold Cannes


International brand campaign to celebrate the irreverent, quirky, funny, weird, unexpected MTV spirit.

Agency: 180 Amsterdam

Cannes Nomination

Created and produced for 180 Amsterdam

Brand campaign for Unit Creative Management


Editorial for Credits magazine celebrating those who are making Dutch ad agencies shine.
Each portrait included a mini bio revealing a bit more of the person in question.

International brand campaign for Kuyichi
shot by Carli Hermes

Brand/promotional campaign for Playstation. Celebrate the brand spirit and increase sales of the model in promotion.

Agency: TBWA Lisbon

Clio Nomination

Created and produced for TBWA Lisbon
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