Displace Studios and movemakeshake |

Displace Studios is an independent 3d and motion design studio based in London, built on the ambition to do great work and make high end 3d and motion design more accessible.

Working closely with our clients from concept right through to finished production, we specialise in
R & D work, 3d animation/CGI and look development/art direction.

Our diverse reel varies from idents, brand movies, character development, to commercials and print.


Movemakeshake specialises in 3d, motion design & art direction for branding.

Established in 2008 we have created idents, promos, brand movies and everything in between for some of the country’s (and worlds!) top brands.

Movemakeshake is all about delivering quality work, creative motion design and 3d with ideas.
Esteban Diacono |

Esteban Diacono was born in September of 1974 in Córdoba, Argentina.
He grew up in the beautiful town of Villa Carlos Paz where he attended a college expressing
since young age a very enthusiastic approach towards visual arts.

He started to work for different local companies creating and editing very simple effects for
entertainment videos. Few years later he moved to the professional production environment
handling editing, grading and fx for several production companies in Córdoba. He dealt with
more than 100 commercials before taking the next step in his career -- branding and network

After three years of collaborating with some of the most talented professionals in Argentina he
moved to a smaller studio looking for new challenges and continuing to learn more about 3D
animation and postproduction.

In August 2009 he created a video for Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds, which became one of
the most praised works of the year. The video for “Ljósið” (“The Light”) had been viewed more
than 5 million times on YouTube and Vimeo, and was featured in such publications as Stash,
IdN Magazine, and on countless websites.

After almost three years of working in StudioFreak he decided to pursue freelance career and
work for clients not only in Argentina, but also around the globe.

Esteban Diacono currently lives and works in Buenos Aires.

Heerko Groefsema |

Heerko Groefsema (31) is a motion director/ designer from the Netherlands, based in the city Utrecht. This is where he teamed up with 5 other motion design fanatics. Through sharing their passion and combining their individual strengths they strive for creating stunning pieces. Curiosity, inquisitiveness and collaboration with others is what makes Heerko grow in his field of work every day.

Jean-Paul Frenay |

Jean-Paul Frenay is a Belgian director, visual artist and musician working across disciplines in art direction, graphics design, photography, interactive media, film and motion.
Several of his projects such as his shortfilm "Artificial Paradise, Inc." or his "VW bluemotion" commercial gave him the opportunity to be featured in numerous national and international industry leading festivals and publications such as Onedotzero, Stash, IDN, OFFF, Motionographer, Shots and Repérages.

He is also exploring other playgrounds, as a video artist and photographer, he occasionally works in performance arts creating visuals and interactive installations for plays, choreographies and experimental work.

His electro noise rock project "I, the phoenix" already got great international reviews and is known as the first belgian stereoscopic album.

Jr.canest |

Born (1990) and raised in Bolivia and moved to Mexico when he was 15, and moving around ever since, Jorge R. Canedo Estrada (Jr.canest a lover of music, different art forms, technology and society, someone that wouldn't be here if it wasn't because of God's grace) always tried to understand how things work and it's purpose, now he applies this curiosity and his skills in what he loves to do, Motion Design.

After the camera became one of his and his brother’s favorite toy he discovered the world of digital design and he started to learn by himself, at the age of 17 he won a full Scholarship and now he is a graduate from the VFS Digital Design program in Vancouver and he is constantly looking to gain more experiewellnce in his field and constantly being amazed by some amazing piece of animation, art, design or something completely random.

He has been finalist and won some international awards and got recognition, he is a strong believer of audio driven animation and he will spend hours walking outside on the rain or making that curve of animation work the way he wants.


Born 1983, Kaunas, Lithuania
Currently lives in Vilnius, Lithuania

Rimantas Lukavicius studied architecture and photo/media. During studies he began to work on experimental short films and various motion designs, which has since gained him worldwide recognition – Resfest, Onedotzero, Semi-Permanent to name but a few.

Rimantas’s works are focused on strictly aesthetic impressions and abstract storyteling which is usually balancing between real and surreal worlds. Influences vary from shapes, textures, reflections and sounds...

Working along with the other freelancers and companies Rimantas Lukavicius currently specifies in motion graphics, visual effects and mixed media projects, bringing ideas to motion and backwards since 2005 in Vilnius based studio Korb.

Kultnation |

Marco Vinicio under the alias of Kultnation is a Mexico based
designer & animator; has a Graphic Design background, a VFS Digital Design
Diploma and 4 years of commercial work experience as a freelance designer
and animator. His abstract work driven by space and form gained him a
reputation around global design communities. His work is featured in
industry leading festivals and publications such as: onedotzero: Adventures
in Motion, Pictoplasma, Offf Barcelona 2011, IdN v17n4: 100th Issue,
Gestalten's latino-gráfico and Stash 73 DVD Magazine. Currently as news
editor at design portal Computerlove™ | Connecting Creative Talents, he
promotes design, animation and architecture to the global design community.
Location: Mexico City.

Mate Steinforth |

Mate Steinforth (born 1977 in Hannover) is a designer and director based in New York City. In his teen years he became active in the computer art subculture called Demoscene and eventually began working as a graphic artists for computer games. He studied graphic design at University of Applied Arts Hildesheim and the University of Madrid, Facultad de Bellas Artes.
In 2002, he moved to Madrid to work as an Art Director in the graphic studio Juan Dela Mata. From 2004 an he worked as a freelance motion designer/director for several companies in Berlin and Munich. In 2007, he moved to New York to work for the production company PSYOP.

From 2002 to 2006 he was focussing on animation, particularly the Performance art of VJing. Under his VJ alias of mateuniverse, he has toured Europe. He could perform at various art and electronica events in Europe and abroad with his moving pictures work being screened at festivals and on TV.

From 2005 to 2009, he worked at PSYOP as a Designer and Director, leading Projects and doing styleframes for pitches and projects. These are graphic illustrations that communicate the content and vision for a yet-to be produced spot to the client and the animators.

Starting December 2009, he moved back to Germany to head up the Berlin branch of the motion design and animation Label SEHSUCHT.

Next to his professional work he always tries to spend time on collaborative projects, directing animated shorts and short clips. His works include the projects PSST! Pass It On 1+2, Getty Images The Next Big Idea and Advanced Beauty.

Matthias Müller |

Matthias Müller is a VFX Artist living in Germany / Bavaria.
He is currently 22 years old and working as a Freelancer for about one year now.

Momentary People |

momentary people has evolved from a collaboration of artists, all with a fundamental passion to explore expressions of movement in all its varied narrative and abstract forms.
we are essentially a bunch of people who love doing s%&t and making it move!

momentary people's founding members, though not necessarily restricted to just these three, are Guy Wolstenholme, Neil Copland and Glen Yeoh.

We have all come from diversity of backgrounds, dipping our toes in all manner of motion based projects.
Explorations in theatre projection/performance, stop motion, 2D/3D animation, interactive augmented reality, all make the list of our general repertoire of experience.

In an age where access to a diversity of information is essential, we fully embrace the possibility of merging brains with others across the globe, to mash it up and spew out a torrent of exciting work.


MRK is a London-based digital artist, certified lecturer and freelance motion designer. Coming from a traditional graphic design background, he first became fascinated with 3D generative art during his Masters degree at Central St. Martins. Part of his work on artificial life and computer generated biological forms is now a permanent exhibit at the Phylogenic Museum in Germany. He has industry experience in broadcast having worked for major television, film and media companies.

Murat Pak |

A passionate dreamer of the postmodern era

Onur Senturk |

Onur Senturk studied traditional painting and figure drawing followed by a traditional animation degree as his BFA. He took part in several international and national collaborative exhibitions with works in both print and time-based media. He designed and animated_“Triangle ” which is awarded twice by Vimeo as best motion graphics and “ Nokta . ” which received honorary mention from Ars Electronica in Computer Animation/ Film /VFX category. He has been featured in many national and international magazines,newspapers, events, such as Onedotzero, Stash, Computer Arts, Freemote Born Digital and Motionographer with interviews, presentations, articles and showcases both online and published. Onur currently works as a designer at Prologue Films lives in Los Angeles, California.
For detailed information, mail to

Physalia studio |

Physalia is a motion-graphics and visual effects studio based in Barcelona. Since the beginning we have carried research in many fields, such as photography, 3D & 2D animation, stop-motion, electronics, mixed media, live action... that is, in many areas that don't necessarily require sitting in front of the computer! Our love for electronics impels us to develop tools to shoot things that would be impossible to achieve otherwise, and this mix of self-made tools and motion graphics is our constant inspiration

Polynoid |

Polynoid is the design / storytelling loving collaboration of Jan Bitzer, Ilija Brunck, Csaba Letay, Fabian Pross and Tom Weber. Founded in 2007 as a creative platform and playground for our own films and experiments, Polynoid today is using that same spirit but combining it with the resources of a motion design studio. On a project Polynoid can get involved at any stage of the creative process, ranging from concept, direction and art design to the actualproduction and finishing.

Spatial Harmonics Group |

Spatial Harmonics Group is a collective of artists who have come together in their passion for creating the highest quality in visual fx and motion graphics. Founded by VES & EMMY Award Winning Creative Director Wayne England, the Spatial Harmonics Group combines creative direction, design, and its own proprietary particle systems to deliver the most creative and effective solutions for feature films, commercials, and installations.
Ian Clemmer, who created this piece for Resonance, joined the Spatial Harmonics Group in December 2010, and together with Wayne England shares a vision for a deeper aspect of harmony and unity of the audio-visual phenomenon.

SR Partners |

SR Partners is a motion graphics agency with collaboration at its core, SR endeavours to bring together the most acclaimed visual and audio artists to create bespoke, unique and groundbreaking solutions.

Through bringing together artists all over the globe we are able to draw upon many thought processes, techniques, styles and cultural attitudes to enable a rich and exciting process, which can be applied to projects of any scale.

Thiago Maia |

Thiago was born in the jungles of Sao Paulo, Brazil, a young monkey keen to explore his surroundings and learn new skills. _His mother discovered he had a flare for design and animation so stole a Macintosh from some tourists and gave it to him, from which he learnt all about animation and design. After learning to behave like a human he managed to find a job in design and worked in Brazil for 3 years. Then one day he managed to stow away on boat to London, England, ready to explore this new jungle and pursue his new life and career. Over the years he has had the opportunity to work with some really nice people producing work for Cartoon Network, Virgin, BBC, Channel 4, Microsoft, Pepsi, Nickelodeon, RedBee, SKY and Nokia to name a few… none of whom noticed he is in fact a monkey.

Currently, he has opened his own studio in London with fellow Spanish monkey David Pocull. They decided to call their studio Cake, to honour their favourite treat, where they bring fresh new ingredients everyday, mixing their skills in live-action and animation to deliver tasty cakes to their clients around the globe.

Tom Waterhouse |

English motion designer, with traditional graphic design at his roots. With a background in London post-production Tom now currently freelances as a 2D&3D designer.

Tronic Studio |

Tronic is a NYC based directing, design and animation studio founded in 2001 by Columbia Architecture graduates Jesse Seppi and Vivian Rosenthal. They’ve directed and animated spots and campaigns for Target, Adidas, Microsoft and Sony, conceived and executed installations for Diesel, General Electric, Sharp and Hitachi, designed interactive experiences for Nike, Visionaire and Smirnoff and in general, have worked to eliminate lines delineating one form of creative media output from another. These visual futurists are boldly combining architecture, new media, animation and branding through new uses of technology to create visually striking and conceptually based work.

Aras Darmawan direct and design this Resonance piece for Tronic Studio with supervision of Vivian Rosenthal (Tronic CEO/Founder). Together with Martin Aggerholm and Toros Köse (Motion Designers), Tronic treats this short film as their own personal project aiming to bring exploration within Tronic's renowned aesthetic.


Audionerve |

It's a fact: There are enough catchy tunes out there. Audionerve aims at audible individuality for projects and clients in film, advertising and games.

Founded 2005 in Hamburg by Jochen Mader, we're acting on the maxim of breaking up the supportive position of sound in moving picture to create a more equal symbiosis of both. We won't just "put sound in the background" of the film, we'll mingle, shake, stir, chill, garnish - voila!

Combustion |

Marcelo Baldin is a musician and a designer since the year 2000. He owns a design studio called Maël, creates sound design under the alias of Combustion and plays in a band called Omega Code. During these years, Marcelo has worked in several projects that gained international attention for brands such as Diesel, MTV, Armani, Karl Largerfeld, Adobe, Coca Cola, among others. He was already featured in magazines and books with worldwide distribution, and was speaker at international events across the globe. He's also endorsed by Steinberg Technologies for using Cubase, is managed by Adelphoi for sound design works in Europe, under Base2 artitsts in Brazil (same as Sepultura), and is affiliated with Hymen Records in Germany. He lives in Sao Paulo, is married and owns a french bulldog.

CypherAudio |

CypherAudio is an internationally acclaimed sound design and music studio owned and operated by John Black. For over ten years, CypherAudio has collaborated with award-winning design studios, directors and agencies to create work for some of the world's largest networks and brands. CypherAudio's Work has been featured in onedotzero, Pictoplasma, Psst Pass It On, Stash, Creative Review, Resfest, and IdN's VisualRocks - The Heart Of The Music Video. CypherAudio has been listed on Motionographer's Cream Of The Crop List as one of 20 leading Sound Design and Music Composition Studios since 2006.

David Kamp |

David Kamp holds a Diploma in "Electronic Composition" from ICEM (Institute for Computer Music & Electronic Media) and works from his Berlin Studio with production companies, agencies, directors and artists from all over the world. He specializes in music composition and sound design for independent animation (such as David Oreilly's Berlinale Winning Short "Please Say Something") as well as Commercials, Broadcast, and interactive / installations. In 2009 he received the "Young Guns Award" from Art Directors Club New York and is proud
member of Motionographers "Cream of the Crop".

Echolab |

Echolab is an award winning sound design studio established in 2001 by Gavin Little.
After spending 10 years working as a graphic & motion designer, Gavin established the Echolab studio, specialising in creative sound design & music composition for television, film & interactive projects.

Hecq |

- writing/producing/releasing music since 2003.
- started working as a sounddesigner in 2005, in berlin.
- talks and workshops at OFFF, AD4D, Flash On The Beach, Multimania etc.
- Client list excerpt: BMW, Ritz Carlton, Cartier, Lacoste, Bentley, 20th Century Fox, Greenpeace and many more.

Michael Fakesch |

Michael Fakesch started Designingsounds™ in 2006, though his musical career began 12 years earlier in a small town near Munich. In 1994, 19-year-old Michael co-founded the music project Funkstörung which became world renown for their remixes (e.g. Björk, Wu-Tang Clan), being one of the first bands signed to K7 Records, and of course their outstanding visual collaborations (e.g. the DVD Isolated).

Since the termination of Funkstörung in 2005, Michael continued where Funkstörung left off, releasing more music on K7 Records, his very own label Musik Aus Strom and doing even more remixes (e.g. for Herbert, Bomb The Bass, Booka Shade or Mr Oizo). Since then he has also worked for numerous design agencies such as Zeitguised, Stink, Universal Everything, Mateuniverse or Dixonbaxi doing music for Fuji, Lexus, Peugeot, Sony, Subaru, Toyota, VIVA, Vodafone or Wrangler.

2009 a Philips ad Michael did the music and sounddesign for won the Cannes Golden Lions Grand Prix.

Mutant Jukebox |

Mutant Jukebox is Iranian born London based Sound Designer and Composer Shervin Shaeri. Motivated by the passion for collaboration and creativity in all its forms Shervin's diverse approach in sound and music, ranges from commercially driven projects to installation art, performance art, radio, theatre and education. He was recently invited as an industry professional to DSK Supinfocom school of design and animation in India to conduct masterclasses in sound. Shervin continues to seek out new opportunities for collaboration and experimentation.

Radium Audio - Chris Didlick |

"Radium Audio was founded by Andrew Diey, and is a unique leading creative music and sound company based in London. We work with agencies, CG & animation houses, digital agencies, games developers, brands and manufacturers, supplying award winning audio to clients based all over the world.
The Radium team is diverse, consisting of creative directors, composers, sound designers, musicians, producers, admin and project managers. We all share a common passion for audio and music, and this manifests itself in all manner of extracurricular collaborative sound-related exploits such as experimenting in sound, producing DJ mixes and art-based projects."

Studio Takt |

"Studio Takt is a music and sound design company based in the heart of the Netherlands. Studio Takt creates music for motion design, animation, television and online media."

World Gang |

The Many Faces of Darrin Wiener and Jeremiah Green:
0, Plastiq Phantom, American Sheriff, 8===D, DJ's on Strike are just a few of the names that Mr. Wiener has gone by throughout his musical career, but his most recent and exciting project is World Gang, a collection of tripped-out synth waves and jungle beats made with renowned rock&roll drummer, Jeremiah Green. Mr. Green has worked most notably with Modest Mouse for more than a decade but has lent his nimble touch on animal hides to a few different groups based out of the Pacific Northwest such as Satisfact, Red Stars Theory, and Peeved. He has also toured with and appeared on the records (2 of which were produced by Mr. Wiener) of Seattle band, The Vells. Mr. Green has lent a hand on Mr. Wiener's most notorious alias, Plasitq Phantom. But now without further ado they bring you World Gang; an explosion of ambient noises and white fuzz, the medley of overlapping percussive techno beats, and the searing energy of synthesizers soaring through the subsonic stratosphere of sound. Enjoy their new fifteen and half minute single Promise.

World Gang Specializes in Original Music. Over the last 10 years we have composed music for many short films, some award winning, some of them not. We specialize in broadcast commercials, station identifications. Please see our web link for a list of clients and selected work.


Niccy Kemp |

Niccy is a London based designer, currently working in broadcast design at Light Creative.
After graduating from LCC and gaining experience she has developed skills in directing, project management and 2d and 3d animation. Whist at Red Bee she has worked on identities for the BBC, Disney, and various satellite channels. She has most recently worked on programme graphics for Channel 4, Sky Living and BBC.

Fernando Valente |

Fernando Valente is a Mac, iPhone, iPad and web developer who has started programming in 2006. He started a software house called Chiaro Software in 2009 and has been
developing software for the iPhone and the Mac since them. He’s from Sao Paulo, Brazil, but his biggest dream is moving to California or any other nice place. His biggest passions
are music, night and technology.

Jonny Naismith |

Jonny graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2008, a year which also saw his work exhibited as Best in Show at D&AD's New Blood exhibition. He has been a part of Moving Brands in London for over 2 years, contributing to several major clients across multiple disciplines.


Tor Kristoffersen |

Tor Kristoffersen has been involved in film and theatre from a young age working in roles ranging from actor and director to editor. He currently freelances as both the later.