REPETITITS! at Neonchocolate Gallery, Berlin

From Sat 11.17.12 to Thu 11.29.12

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As a first collaborative project, the exhibition proposes the experience of interfering into one another´s pieces of work, more, or less directly. Interfering, in an intercontinental scale, has to be thought diversely: each part is done separately, at each place we come from, to gather in a final result that can only be seen as a full once the exhibition is set: an assemblage of pieces, intentions, thoughts, propositions.

Featuring music projects Kikiilimikilii and Water Sark(FR); collaborative work between Antonio Sobral, Ruli Moretti, Dácio Pinheiro (BR), Stefan Fähler (DE), Powerpaola (CO), Rodrigo Ortega (CL), Eric Markowski and Maria Luque (AR).

(REPETITITS has repeatedly used this logo - to create the exhibition flyer, and also to print the stencil t-shirt designs used by us in the picture)

The REPETITITS present the piece rem·i·nis·cence on the exhibition MIRACLES: 7 Reboots organized by Samuel Trifot at Dumbo Arts Center, NY.

on view Friday and Saturday August 24-25, 2012.
Opening Reception Friday, 6-8PM.

More info: Dumbo Arts Center

rem·i·nis·cence is a sound installation composed by voice improvisation on phrases, words and songs that were created during the period of immersion in which the collective was formed. The phrases and expressions are a result of spontaneous repetition experimentation on word sonorities, intonations, pronunciation in different languages, onomatopoeia, noise.

These phrases were resumed and recorded afterwards, detached from their original contexts, as a synthesis made of leftovers, in a flow of non-linear and floating senses.
One cannot avoid the fact that when you repeat something, you are also translating it, in a manner that has to do with a specific moment, place, situation; the content repeated is always subject to unpredictable variations or modifications. REPETITITS is an intercontinental art collective that works with propositions of collaborative itinerant work-in-progress projects that investigate the specificities generated by mobility and interchange, through different mediums and procedures, that reflect the heterogeneity of the group, formed by visual artists, experimental musicians, video makers, performers.

The REPETITITS are Antonio Sobral, Dácio Pinheiro, Dagmar Brown, Eric Markowski, Flora Rebollo, Francisco Ivan Russo, Manu Sobral, María Luque, Mariette Auvray, powerpaola, Rodrigo Ortega, Ruli Moretti, Samuel Trifot, Sophia Knapp, Stefan Fähler, based on Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Mexico, United States.

They met here: Residência São João

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