Mobile case for exhibition visitors with a Tour Operator software. The goal was, to close some of the function of the mobile, to assist the application created by:

Design in Rhinoceros and manufacturing on MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer.

The design process:

The mobile model is: Prestigio GRACE X3
Fused filament 3D printers are extremely powerful prototyping and manufacturing tools that require special knowledge about how they work in order to create optimized parts with them.
- sleek ergonomic shape that is comfortable and easy to grip
- used engineering tolerances: 0,3mm
- designing with minimal overhangs and supports
- Stainless screw assembly - closed case for the visitors at the museum, but allows to be installed or removed in seconds in case of repair.
- strong and extremely lightweight
- create space for oversize headphone port or USB port
- to support the tour operator software functions: limited camera use, no switch of, menu buttons hidden.

The evolution:

3D print with 0,1mm layerhight, 20% infil, black PLA

- Broad experience in creating innovative, functional, and aesthetically appropriate products for a wide variety of industry sectors ranging from consumer, to high technology, toys, sports, scientific, and medical devices.
- Provide industrial design, 3D modelling and 3D printed manufacturing liaison support on various 3D printers.
- Collaborate with in-house teams to ensure the design, brand integrity, and corporate design language are consistently adhered to across various products
- 3D scanning design objects and human body, post production

Developing of parts and delivering products on or ahead of schedule. Operation and Maintenance of:
- Objet EDEN 3Dprinter / Stratasys
- MakerBot Replicator Desktop printers (Printing Technique and Maintainance training in Stuttgart)
- 3D system / Cube Pro, CubeX, SENSE
- 3Doodler
- Kinekt, Sense, Artec EVA & Spider 3D scanner

3D artist 2014

3D modelling and rendering of the playground structures.
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Miasago | luxury fast patrol boat
The Misago luxury fast speed boat is being introduced on the market with the first deliveries scheduled for June 2008
designed by the team of IFDesign.net under the direction of Dominique Taffin.

3D modeling of the hulls, interiors and other environments for a prototype speedboat

Ophelia | luxury patrol boat
designed by the team of IFDesign.net under the direction of Dominique Taffin.

I worked directly with Lead Designer, Project Manager as well as one of the Partners, on projects ranging from Sport Center at Asti (I) to a Community Building.