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LTWNet0033 Rec_Overflow "Second Floor Love Ep"

All tracks produced, mix and mastered by Rec_Overflow at ThreeFisheStudioLabHomie.
Cover design by: Rec_Overflow
"Mios y para Mi"
Lyrics by: Silvia Guzman
Voice by: Silvia Guzman
"La Peste"
Original track by: Bano
Lyrics by: Bano
Voice by: Bano
Thanx to the artists, for the collaboration in this Ep.
released May 14, 2016
Dedicado a mi amor...

LTWNet0030 Rec_Overflow "Pista de aterrizaje"
"Pista de aterrizaje" es una vuelta a los origenes de Rec_Overflow, partiendo de antiguos loops y tracks inacabados se ha generado este Lp con un tono oscuro pero complaciente. Como siempre, musica de escucha profunda y cargada de detalles y matices. Rondando entre el HipHop, el Electro y el ambient, nos lleva por un viaje de sintetizadores y programaciones ritmicas al estilo Overflow...
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Nuevo Ep de Rec_Overflow en el prestigioso sello descografico Detroit Underground, 6 cortes con mucho trabajo detrás y una portada hecha por el conocido diseñador eBoy.

Podeis comprarlo en el formato digital en ITUNES , JUNO o BEATPORT o en formato 12″ en DETUND.

cl​-​009 | Talking With My Nord

Recurring Crazy-Language artist, prolific producer and label owner of Plataforma-LTW, Madrid based Rec_Overflow returns with his LP "Unemployed": a sumptuous melancholic dance record, blending hip-hop with modern glitch aesthetics, dropping at any given instance the classic dubstep LFO, bringing a fresh chiaroscuro perspective to what could’ve become a familiar album.
The attention to detail should keep the braindance freaks pleased but it is a surprisingly self-constrained record on this aspect, to a degree where you could play these on a dance floor and still be pleased on a whole different level. It’s all classical Rec_Overflow style with a distinct evolution of his ideas and genres he approaches. But there are still surprises at hand: singer Norber Kristof was hijacked to participate on five of these songs, to see his voice robotized, pitched and manipulated on all sorts of sonic mutilation, to reaffirm the ‘voice’ of this album. A pleasant surprise without being too intrusive. Fans of Crazy-Language and of Rec_Overflow’s sound may have found another little classic to their discography. (F.G.)

Rec_Overflow - Grow ep Bru_11

May sees the first release of an exciting new member of the Brusio family, Rec Overflow. Hailing from Madrid, we are treated to a 5 track
of twisted IDM and post-dubstep synthetics with the appearance of the
'Grow EP'.
Taking us back to a heady time when IDM was fresh and new, 'Psicodelicious' eases us into comforting melodic progressions and scattered microedited voices, before dropping a harsh glitch-hop beat from the sky. As the release progresses, each track takes on a new form and style, from the complex percussion underlying 'Sweet Afgan' to the sparse introverted darkness of 'Blue Fruit'. All are intertwined with a common theme however, the pairing of complexity
with straight rhythm which in total creates a desorientating, yet danceable release.

brainstormlab Rec_Overflow "1001 EP"

Rec_Overflow ‎– Diciendo Algo (Pendrive rec)

La familia crece. Rec_overflow, el hombre de las mil caras, de los estilos infinitos, un peso pesado de la electrónica ibérica nos regala Diciendo algo. Un ep de carga oscura, pero brillante en su contenido. Mucho glitch, beats sincopados, distorsión, pads profundos, melodías encantadoras, voces microsampleadas y mucha elegancia. Madrid está en la casa!

cl​-​009 | Talking With My Nord

As the title "Talking with my Nord" may let expect Rec_Overflow from Madrid (Spain) strikes back with digital processed sounds and analog oscilations on Berlins Netlabel Crazy Language. This release shows the range of his style which can't be fixed in one word. It's more like a journey through his influences. From abstract beats to straight baselines and from uplifting sounds to permanent modulated sequencies shows this release how variable and always fascinating Rec_Overflow can sound. [dnn7]

Rec_Overflow ‎– Beetch EP (Pulpa 004)