_ Electromagnetic LED lamp

LED light fixture that functions due to electromagnetic wire and LEDs.

Its fun, unpretentious shape breaks the public's common belief that LEDs are a cold and uninviting light source when used in a living environnement.

Thanks to Joëlle Desjardins Paquette for photos of the prototype
_ in collaboration with Nolin BBDO



Conceptual Mock-ups


Plaster mold + Acrylic thermoforming
_ Ecofriendly coffee + tea stirer

enhance your coffee experience with the help of Mistir, the first eco-friendly, permanent coffee stirstick.
/ rehausser votre expérience caféinée à l'aide de Mistir, le premier remueur à café écologique et permanent.

Design + create + sell 12 functional copies of a product
1 month team project
Design goal: stylishly reduce the waste of plastic and wood used to stir coffees on the go.
Materials: American walnut + stainless steel
_ Illustration

Illustration / art direction

Critique on the potential obsolescence of a product of our choice. We decided to analyze Nespresso's Pixie coffee machine and it's use of instantaneous capsules.

In collaboration with Leah Bellefleur, Juliane Charbonneau, Olivier Gagnon et Pauline Lebec

Video here.
_ Fictional IKEA inspired project

kid's lamp design intended for Ikea
fictional academic project
verithin on vellum