Images taken by Jacqueline Young
Graphics by Kenneth Lavallee

RAW:almond is a temporary contemporary restaurant where some of the top chefs of Winnipeg will be collaborating to celebrate the beauty of our wonderful winter city on the ice. Each night chefs will be paired with chef Mandel Hitzer to create the 'coolest' culinary experience. The iconic dining hall, located at the corner of the Assiniboine and Red River, leans into the North Wind to help buffer against the elements. From the first to the last course and each glass of wine, this will prove the dining experience of the year.

The dining room will be heated, and there will be heated outdoor lavatories but because this is limited to three weeks and Winnipeg winters are unpredictable warm attire is still recommended; don't forget to bring your long johns, toques and Sorel boots!

RAW:almond was conceived by director Joe Kalturnyk of RAW: Gallery and Mandel Hitzer chef/owner of Deer + Almond,. RAW:almond will be built on the Forks, at the mouth of the Assiniboine and Red River.