Raphaël de Courville
Sansibarstraße 37, 13351 Berlin, Germany
+49 176 70070572

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French Media Artist, Computational Designer, Creative Technologist and Platypus Polymath based in Berlin. Former head and founder of ART+COM Explore. Host and co-founder of Creative Code Berlin. I enjoy blending algorithmic thinking with spatial interaction and graphic design to create unexpected and compelling experiences. Read more...

Let's make magic together!
I am available for art direction and creative tech consultancy on a freelance basis. I specialize in media installations, spatial interaction, ambient user experience, virtual reality (Unity), generative design (Processing, P5.js), and prototyping. I'm happy to advise on these topics and assist in the production of both small and large projects. I'm looking for collaborations with conceptually strong artists, and studios with a vision, doing groundbreaking work in these fields. Does that sound like you? Virtual high five!

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