I enjoy walks on the beach and therapy. Some of the less eccentric things I enjoy are cutting homeless people who don't give me change, sleeping in a den of cats, and creating air. I absolutely love the music that comes from my showerhead too. And Yuu?

CAUTION: Do not continue reading this far into me, you should probably move onto the pictures before you lose interest altogether.

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I enjoy sunflower seeds and go-go music, shooting people who like to be shot and watching classic movies like Toy Story, taking my kids to preschool and rooftop afterparties, visiting old high school teachers and legalising previously illegal substances for the recreational use of the public (catnip, glue, windex and other general disinfectants), giving foreign beggars incentives to learn english by promising them a large lump sums and then fleeing the country by foot like Moses through the Atlantic. I like cups filled with poison and papers about cones, things that burn slowly and clothes that evaporate into thin air, girls that rock the Fair & Lovely and bombs that accidentally go off en route.

I like mirrors and transparencies, I like to illustrate my way around a story, manipulate color out of an ocean of black. I like to remove the bleak from the bland and break the silence that you enjoy so dearly.

I am a facade of everything you think you know and the exact opposite of everything you wanted me to be. I'm a parody of your television lifestyle, i'm the scrutiny of your melting pot traditions.