Coca-Cola Light Plus
Website for the new drink Coca-Cola Light Plus which contains vitamins and minerals.

I was responsible to do the structure and navigation of the website and also I did a code refactoring and a processing optimization. Before the original version I coded a teaser version for the project.
The big news on coding this project was to learn about Yellow Tail and Tendrils, explore drawTriangles and work with $1 gesture recognition (even not using everything in the online version).

Check the project online.



Andre Matarazzo (Creative Director), Bruno Bocchese (Copywriter), Cássio Souza (IT Manager), Edla Paniguel (Project Manager), Fabio Vaccas (Project Manager), Fernando Bittar (Illustrator), Arthur Joly (Sound Producer), Maria Eduarda Di Pietro (Art Director), Mauro de Tarso (Motion Designer), Michael Yamada (Motion and 3D Designer), Rafael Rinaldi (Flash Developer), Renata Decoussau (Creative Director), Vanessa Maia (Motion Designer) and Vitor Calejuri (Flash Developer).

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