Welcome to the website of Felicity Price-Smith
Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Artist from East Sussex, UK

My current creative practice mixes a range of media including watercolour, ink, collage and a good
old fashioned pencil with the likes of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator to create a variety of design and artwork.
Holding both a First Class Honours degree in Graphic Design from Kent University and a BSc in Architecture from University College London, I am currently working as a designer and illustrator from my home in Sussex. I also take commissions for architectural portraits and mixed media paintings.

I am always interested in new projects so do get in touch if you would like to work with me. Please click on the left hand links to view a variety of recent project work.

Latest News
Solo exhibition: 'Heritage' at The Old Palace
I have been exhibiting a selection of architectural illustrations and artwork as part of the Heritage Open Day events at St Leonards-Mayfield School, East Sussex. The show continues throughout the autumn.

Spring 2014
I am working as a designer/illustrator with the art and cultural history publisher Unicorn Press Ltd. My recent work includes the first of Rachel Carson's Sea Trilogy, Laurie Lee's Selected Poems and a commemorative edition of Ring of Bright Water to mark the centenary of Gavin Maxwell's birth.
I have also undertaken several freelance projects including logo design, architectural visualisations and event promotions.

Check out the article about my Seen off Sussex Shores projectwork in issue 7 of
Twohundredby200 magazine (on pages 36-7)

Aside from my design and illustration projects, I also spend time moonlighting as an assistant gallery director, stage manager, lighting technician...and expert tea maker. Feel free to contact me regarding any of these skills too!

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