Post what?

Postmammal is the pseudonym for the work of Robert Murdock. The name Postmammal is based on the notion that humans are always evolving, and are always looking for what's next — essentially what's beyond human.

For more than fifteen years, my experiences have allowed me to create and deliver strategic experiences across interface design for products and services, brand and identity, and interactive design for web and a range of evolving platforms. I have participated in, as well as led, extensive research and brand strategy programs for established and emerging products, services and businesses.

I have extensive experience in building and managing multi-disciplinary creative teams and overseeing all stages of the creative process. I believe in a collaborative approach, creating work that engages and inspires, but also addresses business objectives and moves clients toward their goals. I believe that exceptional design has the ability to meet these objectives, transcend the ephemeral, and make a meaningful connection with its audience.

My approach to design blends a passion for developing strong ideas with a rigorous, refined sense of formal craft skills. I strive to create solutions that are innovative and highly relevant – the products of in depth strategy and meticulous visual engineering.

Updates to the Postmammal site are in the works.